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Tips for safe nursery furniture

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A clever and safe children’s room facility

The birth of the first child is particularly exciting. We still do not know what to expect, we look forward to the offspring and the new life. Especially the design of the nursery makes many expectant parents joy. Keeping track of the huge range of furniture for baby and nursery is almost impossible.

Prefer a normal baby bed? A bassinet? A side bed? The possibilities are varied and often confusing.

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But babies, at least when it comes to the nursery, are quite frugal. If the room is blue or pink, how much storage space is available, are the sockets secured? – All this does not interest a little baby yet and so it would be enough if the baby initially has a suitable sleeping place and a changing room available. Whether bedding, bassinet or extra bed are used, they should decide on their needs. Keep in mind that the extra bed and bassinet can usually only be used for the first few months as the children quickly grow out of them. Breastfeeding is a side-by-side bed but quite an investment in more relaxed nights as they can comfortably breastfeed their baby right in bed.

Quality and stability in the nursery are especially important

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Of course, the fewest fresh parents want a nursery in which only a changing table stands. Setting up and decorating the nursery is an important preparation for your child and should be fun for many parents. The safety aspect should not be neglected, especially for the time in which your baby wants to discover his own surroundings. Here are some tips you should pay attention to:

  • Use only non-polluting wall paints and floor coverings. These are now available in a wide variety of colors and finishes
  • Do not scratch the room at the last minute, leaving plenty of time to dry and air
  • Flooring should be easy to clean and as anti-slip as possible

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  • Stability and stability for all furniture
  • easy to clean surfaces
  • meaningful test seals
  • rounded corners, security locks on doors and drawers and socket and window locks

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  • Buy the nursery furniture ahead and pay attention to quality. For example, individual baby furniture may even make it through the nursery to the youth room

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If you would like to find out which pieces of furniture are really necessary, which flooring is best suited for the nursery and how you can make your entire home child-proof, take a look at the comprehensive guide from “Safe and secure – How to make your home meaningful for your offspring”. Here you will receive comprehensive information so your little conqueror can safely discover his home.


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