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Tips on rose care throughout the year – how to properly care for the roses

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How to properly care for roses and other flowers in spring

As with all other species, it is important for the roses to try to see the world “through their eyes”. These are beautiful bushes rich in organic matter. They love the loamy earth and the waters deep in the ground.

They should not be positioned in places where the sun shines very strongly, which are also very dry and where it does not pull at all. The northern parts would also be rather inappropriate.

Rose care in spring

Roses garden plants Roses Fertilize Roses care winter flowers

The rose plants can poison

Few people are aware that the soil in which roses grow for more than 5 years, becomes poisonous. The corresponding substances are highlighted by the roots themselves. Therefore, you should renounce the re-use of this earth.

Enjoy the beauty of roses all year round

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In autumn, it’s time to winterize the roses. The care that prepares for the warm seasons then takes place between the 15th of March and the 15th of April. The excavation is done very carefully, so that no parts of the rose plants are damaged. It is recommended to enrich the roses once a year with fertilizers specially designed for the garden. This can also be done during the spring season with rose fertilization. From then on you should enrich the earth abundantly with the addition of the appropriate funds, including until June.

Rose care in autumn and winter

Roses plants roses fertilizing roses care winter flowers

Grooming spring flowers before winter

Not only the roses, but also other flowers have to be specially cared for after the winter. This should happen with the first hotter sunbeams. Because as you know from experience, the first spring flowers appear even before the first snow completely thaws.

Rose bushes as beautiful garden plants and fence decoration

Roses plants roses fertilizing rose care garden plants

With regard to their growth and, accordingly, the winter care and this in spring, one can subdivide the plants by groups. This makes life much easier.

Divide the rose plants into groups

Roses Plant Roses Fertilize Rose Care Spring Flowers

The bulbs and tubers that grow in spring are planted in the fall. So they have enough time to develop roots and then grow in the spring.

Spring awakening – magnificent rose blossom

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Spring flowers that are planted after the winter

There are some species that can not resist the cold and therefore can not hibernate. These must be planted during the first warmer months – April and May. Then you can do it at the latest in April and May.

Yellow garden rose

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After flowering, remove all flower bulbs and sort them carefully. In summer they should be left in dry rooms so that they can be used again in autumn.

Blooming white roses in spring and summer

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Correct spring flowers

The planting of spring flowers, which can not withstand the cold, should be done immediately after removing the water from the earth. For the bulbs and tubers the rule is that they must be used at a depth of up to three times their own height. Again, they should not be at a minimum depth of 5 cm.

Winterize your roses

Roses garden plants Roses care winter flowers

Rose pruning in spring and autumn

Roses plants roses fertilizing rose care roses pruning

Rose care – regular watering

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