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To look at restaurant design trends in your home

To look at restaurant design trends in your home

How many times have we all been in a restaurant and totally fallen in love with the decor? Restaurants are the new “trendy spot” with hidden trends that only seem to know designs. We’ve done our research and found some design trends for restaurants that will not only stand out in a restaurant, but also inspire you to redesign your home.

Mix styles and designs

Restaurant-Design-Trends in Ihrem Haus zu betrachten
Mixing two or three different styles together can be one of the best things you can do for your living space. Take an edgy look and combine it with contemporary pieces for a nice mix of styles that just works!

Do not be afraid to combine different styles, colors and designs to create a custom look for you. Choose a wallpaper that does not seem to work in the room, and combine it with classic pieces such as neutral tiles or brass elements. An inaccessible touch makes the room feel fresh and fresh every time you enter the room.

Eben lighting

Restaurant-Design-Trends in Ihrem Haus zu betrachten
Having an open floor plan is the best way to work well together with different lights. The key is to work with luminaires that work well and still maintain their own characteristics. This allows you to turn certain lights on and off at any time.

Lighting has always been an essential aspect of decoration, especially if you want to create a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you decorate your bathroom, dining room and / or living room, we recommend that you use the lighting concept and add chandeliers, sconces, dimmers or all three to create that intimate feeling. This approach allows a seamless transition from day to night.

Consider your space

Restaurant-Design-Trends in Ihrem Haus zu betrachten
We love the idea of ​​having wood exposed in the wall instead of having a fireplace. While you can always decorate a fireplace mantle, the exposed wood will be the clear focus in the room.

A concept that restaurant decorators always take into account is the space and the size of it. Before you make major renovations or updates, you want to look at the whole room and really see how many items can fit into it. The key is to maintain the main focus of the room while it is being updated. For example, if you have a fireplace, set it free. They want to take full advantage of the natural benefits the space has to offer.

Do not forget the details

Restaurant-Design-Trends in Ihrem Haus zu betrachten
Details are extremely important when it comes to creating a cozy space that embodies everything your home should embody. The idea is that your personality fits seamlessly into key objects such as comfortable chairs and even a unique fireplace.

Nothing makes a room as “homey” as the small intimate details that you add along the way. Yes, your facility already seems to be put together and everything you’ve ever imagined, but go one step further by adding pieces of jewelry that bring vitality and freshness. We recommend adding trees, a gallery wall or even a bookshelf.

Go Bold with your bathroom and entrance

Restaurant-Design-Trends in Ihrem Haus zu betrachten
Instead of having a simple space as part of your entrance, you should add extra seating or even show trinkets that help create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

The bathroom and entrance are two areas in your home that can pamper you with bold and creative decor. These two areas are areas that people visit frequently, so you want to make it a little extra special. Take a bold wallpaper, tile or intricate piece of furniture and join them together in the room to create that bold feeling that will bring out your personality.

Environmentally friendly facility

Restaurant-Design-Trends in Ihrem Haus zu betrachten
For eco-friendly aesthetics, consider using reusable wood. Repurpose wood is beautiful and at the same time good for the environment. Pair with extra natural bits to continue the simplicity in the room.

The world has become much more aware of how harmful garbage can be to our planet. Therefore, it is not surprising that the eco-friendly decor is a top favorite in the restaurant business and now also at home. Add natural elements around the house for that eco-friendly feel that’s displayed everywhere. Another way to do this is to provide furniture that does not fit in well, thus creating something completely new.

Less is sometimes more

Restaurant-Design-Trends in Ihrem Haus zu betrachten
A minimal amount of space does not mean that you have no furniture or trinkets, it just means that you are more careful about which pieces work best in the room. Consider the room before decorating it. This allows a simple open floor plan.

Sometimes we tend to get into decor, but this time, restaurants and houses are becoming more and more minimalist. The idea comes from the concept that a room does not need too many extra bits if you can focus instead on the architecture of the room. The key is a well-developed space that speaks for itself.

Retro style

Restaurant-Design-Trends in Ihrem Haus zu betrachten
When we think about retro for the first time, many of us think “color! bold bold color. “Retro can be done in several ways, including the use of neutral colors. Use grays, whites or even greens to create that retro feel while remaining neutral and simple.

One of the biggest trends in the restaurant is the retro style. The retro style has become the new “hot trend” coming back with a vengeance and we are awesome in it. There is something very new and fun about it that just makes sense. The key is to embrace the room and add these characteristic retro elements.

Bring the bright colors

Restaurant-Design-Trends in Ihrem Haus zu betrachten
Bright shades are one of our favorites as they can transform a room without extra work. Take care of bold colors that fit well together and yet have a major impact on the kitchen area. The key is a mix of colors that lighten the neutrals you have.

Restaurants become easier with their decor and add light colors. We have always loved the idea of ​​bright colors paired with neutrals as a defining feature in a room. This works very well in the kitchen as it brings a room back to life.

Change the chairs

Restaurant-Design-Trends in Ihrem Haus zu betrachten
It does not matter if you choose completely different chairs or completely different chair colors. The idea is to bring a unique element into the room while at the same time having the essence. Use simple lights to bring the entire room together.

Chairs are a big deal in a restaurant. The way in which the seating is set up can completely change the room concept. However, more and more entrepreneurs are embracing the idea of ​​changing the chairs to create a completely new concept. Use several different chairs on your dining table to completely change the aesthetics of your dining room.


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