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Top 10 ideas for Wall Design Bedrooms

Design the walls in the children’s room effectively!

You will soon have a little pink baby in your hands. Welcome the little princess or prince into a world where he or she will feel safe and loved by creating a brilliant bedroom for your toddler. In addition to the furnishings, you should first think of the wall paint, wall decoration, and the entire conception for wall design in the bedroom, so that the little ones have their own dream room. To make it easier for you, we have collected a diverse collection of brilliant wall design ideas and presented them in this post.

Bedroom wall design: Why is it important to plan the wall design in the children’s room correctly?

Wandgestaltung Schlafzimmer: Warum ist es wichtig, die Wandgestaltung im Kinderzimmer richtig zu planen?

Most of the time, the advantages of the right bedroom wall design are underestimated. The general opinion that the wall decoration only makes the room more cozy does not apply to the wall design in the children’s room. In addition to the room distribution – enough space to play, study, sleep – the children need a supportive environment that you can create with the appropriate bedroom wall decoration.

The children perceive the visual stimuli of the environment – shapes and colors – more differently than adults. Put on wall design ideas that express beautiful things and loving experiences – photo wall with family photos or baby bump photos, shelves with children’s books, funny wallpapers, wall stickers, toys, Works of art.

Encourage your child’s spirit of discovery with a beautiful wall design with a world map. The most important thing when designing bedroom walls for a child is that you put the child’s needs first.

From Babies to Teens: Collect Great Wall Design Ideas

Vom Baby bis zum Teenager: Sammeln Sie tolle Wandgestaltung Ideen

There is a wealth of ideas for wall design options on the Internet, but gender, age, preferences, and inclinations play a decisive role in the choice of concept. In principle, the following applies pink for girls, blue for boys, the past.

Today, parents design colorful children’s rooms with beautiful wallpapers and wall stickers, so the child’s imagination is stimulated. In addition, the room looks cozier. For babies, you can use wall tattoos with birds and trees, for older children you can use wall-paper or paint the walls with patterns – sky with clouds or stars, mountains.

In addition to the children’s preferences, consider the possibility of designing with nature motifs, such as animals, landscapes, rainbows, and fairy tale characters. The wall design with letters – the name of the child or a mural with the German alphabet is also very popular.

Children’s bedroom colors: which nuances are preferred

Kinder Schlafzimmer Farben: Welche Nuancen sind bevorzugt

Choosing the wall color in a child’s room is not the easiest task, there are many opposing opinions about it. When painting the bedroom, the preferences of both sides should be taken into account.

On the one hand, you create a children’s area that is a place of retreat for sleeping and learning for your child, on the other hand, the walls will later become the best board for children’s art. So that you do not invest a lot of money on expensive wall cladding which you should completely change in 5 years.

Kinder Schlafzimmer Farben: Welche Farbpalette sollen Sie für ein quengelldes Kind wählen?

The colors have a great effect on the children, which is why the color palette also plays a major role in the child’s growing up and is one of the influencing factors. If your child is restless, loses concentration easily, and cannot sleep well, use a warm color palette.

Green, blue and yellow is preferred for this. When choosing the color in which you paint the children’s bedroom, you should also pay attention to the color of the furniture, so that a beautiful and cozy oasis of well-being is created. Strong wall colors are better combined with light furnishings and the pastel colors – with dark furniture.

The 10 best wall design ideas for children’s rooms

Die 10 besten Wandgestaltung Ideen für Kinderzimmer im 2018

# 1 Idea for bedroom wall design: My little explorer

#1 Idee für Schafzimmer Wandgestaltung: Mein kleiner Entdecker

# 2 Idea for bedroom wall design: flies on the wings of the imagination

#2 Idee für Wandgestaltung Schlafzimmer: Fliege auf den Flügeln der Fantasie

# 3 Idea for a bedroom wall design: My little bookworm

#3 Idee für Wandgestaltung Schlafzimmer: Meine kleine Leseratte

# 4 Idea for bedroom wall design: My little miracle, mom and dad love you with all their hearts #4 Idee für Wandgestaltung Schlafzimmer: Mein kleines Mirakel, Mama und Papa lieben dich aus ihren ganzen Herzen 

# 5 Idea for wall design in bedrooms: Like sleeping on clouds #5 Idee für Wandgestaltung Schlafzimmer: Wie auf Wolken schlafen

# 6 Idea for bedroom wall design: For my little sky gazer

#6 Idee für Schlafzimmer Wandgestaltung: Für meinen kleinen Himmelsgucker

# 7 Idea for wall design bedroom: For my princess

#7 Idee für Wandgestaltung Schlafzimmer: Für meine Prinzessin

# 8 Idea for wall design in bedrooms: Conquer every mountain
#8 Idee für Wandgestaltung Schlafzimmer:  Bezwinge jede Berge

# 9 Idea for wall design bedroom: You are my little king

#9 Idee für Wandgestaltung Schlafzimmer: Du bist mein kleiner König 

# 10 Idea for bedroom wall design: Tierlieber

#10 Idee für Wandgestaltung Schlafzimmer: Tierlieber 

Many more great inspirations for a brilliant children’s room:

Noch viele tolle Inspirationen für ein fulminantes Wandgeslatung Schlafzimmer:

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