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Tree houses for children and adults – fantastic examples

tree houses for children forest trees modern architecture

Tree houses for children and adults – examples from the book “Tree House”

As a child, did you spend much more time in the summer in a tree house than in your nursery? If so, then you know how much fun it is and certainly want to give the same experience to your little one.

My house was made of reused wood and at that time I could not imagine anything better.

I relaxed really well there. But if I knew the ideas that I see today, I would most likely want something much better.

There are works such as “Tree House” (September 2013, Skyhorse Publishing), which represent on more than 512 pages examples of such wonderful works. Unbelievable, is not it? Believe me, these are not the typical tree houses. Rather, you and your children will feel like you’re in an episode of Lord of Rings. So you can here the scope, which was scarce in the nursery figures expand. One can find in this book examples of houses hanging from the branches from all over the world.

The book can be found in eight different languages. She shoots 400 photographs and 50 tree houses. The cover shows a tree called The Cabin. This example (the picture above) comes from Sweden, as you can actually see in the style itself.

Bridges and a terrace lead to this modern structure, which offers views of the Lule River Valley.

The next example is called The Tree Pi and is just over 7.6 meters. It is located in California and partly a tent tent, partly a house. A series of cables inside and outside make it possible to support this platform.

Expand the nursery to the garden with these wonderful treehouse ideas!

tree houses for children garden nursery

This canopy is made from reused canvas fragments. The structural rod of the construction is the tree itself.

Here we have an example that can serve as an extension not only of the nursery but of your own home. It is the native of Ontario “four-tree house”.

The “four-tree house” – the name already reveals a lot

tree houses for children garden nursery lighting large

As you can imagine, the house relies on four trees. For attaching to these you have each used an extra strong metallic rope. Two Douglas fir wood beams are held by other cables and serve as a platform for the structure.

The main idea in examples like this one is the full harmony with nature. This is a bird apartment in Comor City, Japan. Ando Momofuku Center wanted to promote activities in nature through this design. The structure has room for 78 nests and an observation cabin for a human.

Bird Apartment in Comor City, Japan

tree houses for children garden nursery travel

The next construction is called Geo Donar. The design is the company O2 Treehouse. It uses a combination of stainless steel cable and pipes, which create a support structure. It also has a hardwood patio. The crispy white shell is made of high density polyethylene.

A sturdy construction made of stainless steel cables and pipes

Children's tree garden children's room building room

The triangular panels close window flaps which open and close through zippers.

The structure is waterproof

tree houses for children garden children's room outdoor furniture window

Geo Donar Treehouse

tree houses for children garden nursery tree house interior

Geo Donar has a diameter of about 4 meters. When the zipper is opened, you can enjoy a wonderful view.

The same company also produced this Honey Sphere. The geometric sphere is supported by stainless steel cables and thus you can keep the integrity of the tree. Each check was designed separately and overlaid on the tree branches. This construction has 210 openings, 420 facets, 12 entrances and exit points.

The unique tree house “Honey Sphere”

tree houses for children garden children's room wood sphere

Inside, the honey sphere features an elegant floor and decorative, repetitive stenciled patterns. The hanging structure here is just one part of the series. The works from this series are called Weaver Neste and are from South Africa. All pieces have been designed to hang.

Inside, the honey sphere shows an elegant floor

tree houses for children garden children's room wood sphere floor

Do you feel like getting the whole book? Browse through and search for ideas for designing an outside nursery, other rooms and your garden!

A “woven nest” in South Africa
tree houses for children garden children's room hanging


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