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Trend Smart Home: Security technology for your home

The intelligent home – the living trend of the current time

Who on the home furnishings and design on current trends will not only pay attention to the look in your own four walls. In addition to modular furniture, minimalism and the colors gray, gold and metallic, another trend has been on the rise for several years: intelligent living is becoming increasingly important. Smart Home is well on its way to develop towards mass market In a representative survey by Yougov, two-thirds of the approximately 2,000 respondents are considering equipping their homes with smart technology.

However, the focus of the most popular areas of the smart home has shifted. While smart consumer electronics in particular used to be particularly relevant, smart home security technologies, such as motion detectors, have now come first in third place.

Security through intelligent living

In view of this development, it is clear that security in one’s own home is also an important trend of living at the present time. No wonder: the number of burglaries is according to the Report on police crime statistics 2018 Although it has declined, it still remains high. If you really want to feel at home in your own home, then not only a beautiful and modern furnishings or a comfortable and smart entertainment technology are relevant, but also the security of your own home.

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At present, a minimalist home decor is trendy. But not only colors and shapes play a role in living. Intelligent safety technology has also been in demand for some time. Image: © Pexels (CC0 1.0)

With intelligent home security, however, you have the opportunity to prevent burglaries and for more security in your own home to care. Even a security technology that makes doors or windows insurmountable for burglars for five minutes can therefore be of great help. No matter whether modern locking systems, video surveillance, alarm systems, timers, doors with high-quality locks and security bars or motion detectors, the ways to keep burglars away , are very diverse. However, intelligent safety technology goes further and not only protects your own home from possible burglary, but also offers fire protection – for example, with smoke and heat detectors. Especially practical: The intelligent security technologies allow you to monitor your home via the app while on the move and intervene in case of danger.

Combining safety and aesthetics: cool ideas

If your own four walls are not only intended to provide security, but also look good, you have numerous options for combining safety and aesthetics. Here are some cool examples.

Outdoor lights with motion detectors

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Image: © Letiha (CC0 1.0)

A first option for burglary protection are Outdoor luminaires equipped with a motion detector , With pretty wall or floor lamps you bring the radiance of your garden and the driveway and create a cozy ambience, but scare away even uninvited guests.

Safe and modern doors

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Image: © Pexels (CC0 1.0)

If a burglar still manages to get to the front door, it is important that he is prevented from breaking in at the latest. Fortunately, modern front doors are already equipped with state-of-the-art security technology: sturdy, durable material and high-quality locks and security bars help protect your own four walls. But that’s not all: Modern doors can now also be equipped with a practical fingerprint system so that the front door can only be opened by people whose fingerprints have been saved.

In addition to the security offer modern house doors but also great designs that make the house an eye-catcher. Whether glazed side panels, floral motifs or unusual colors, with a modern, but secure door your own home is spiced up and a real eye-catcher.

Nice blinds with intelligent control

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Image: © yeniguel (CC0 1.0)

In addition, if you are traveling, an intelligent blind control can make sense – because this also contributes to the security of your own four walls by giving the impression that someone is always at home. Because the blinds move at irregular intervals up or down and are closed also a mechanical protection against burglars. But blinds with intelligent controls not only serve to protect against burglary, they also contribute to energy efficiency and provide light or shade as needed. They help to create a larger feel-good ambience. In addition, blinds look chic and can spice up your own four walls: how about, for example, with blinds in trendy shades of gray? If you are a little bolder, you can choose a more vibrant color – so the blinds to yellow or red splash of color in the apartment and fit well with the minimalist decor in muted colors.

Cosiness and safety through light sources

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Image: © stevepb (CC0 1.0)

The Smart Home also makes an important contribution to the security of your own four walls when it comes to interior lighting. So you can make life difficult for burglars with intelligent presence simulation during your absence. For example, the light can be switched on or off automatically or dimmed depending on the time of day and the light. But of course, light also ensures more living comfort and a cozy atmosphere. A tip: Distribute several small lamps in the room, which looks more comfortable than a single ceiling lamp! In addition, indirect light is currently in hot spot. You can also set certain accents and highlights with mood lighting, preferably with spots. For example, you can visually highlight a display case or shelf.


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