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Trenidige spanish tiles from the Cevisama fair 2019

News about the tile ideas from Cevisama 2019

The fair in Valencia is 100 years old. Cevisama has been part of her story for 20 years. The tradition in the industrial production of tiles is a bit longer and the most renowned companies build on it, even if they themselves are not so long on the market.

Tiles are an important part of the bathroom furniture trend. That’s why we should definitely take a look at this event together. Maybe you can also “steal” very concrete tile ideas from it!

Spanish tiles in gray are the latest trend in bathroom design

cevisamamesse 2019 for spanish tiles

A lot of gray

Many experts have predicted that several variations of gray are being used on the tiles. Maybe you want to set an accent within the entire home furnishings?

Gray is very often used on natural stone and cement. It is aimed with the varied effects through the application of varied glazes.

Experiments with the size of the tiles

Living room floor design with spanish tiles

Innovative appearances are also achieved through the use of larger tiles. This is what the Cevisama 2019 exhibition also showed us. The whole thing has an aesthetic and practical explanation. First, the manufacturers achieve a more seamless, modern bathroom design. On the other hand, these advantages offer during installation and transportation. One problem here, however, is the lack of expertise in laying the tiles – many installers need to be trained on this for the first time.

But the effort is worth it, because the large-sized bathroom tiles and all ideas for laying them are a prerequisite for very creative designs and these are currently in great demand in the market.

With the large-format tiles, there is again a tendency for intensive use of gray.

Imitations of different types of wood

reolonda ceramica interesting tile ideas


wood look

The wooden look that has become so modern in recent years continues as a trend. An example are the tiles for the outdoor area, which already show stability at a thickness of 2 cm. Here dominate the large formats.

Fancy tile design ideas in small format

trendy tiles ideas from the cevisamamesse

The very small formats were well represented at the fair. At the fair many examples of original combinations of glazes, textures and colors were also found in this dimension.

Especially thin tiles

Another innovation we really want to pay attention to is the extra thin tiles. Some show strength of 6mm. However, such tile ideas are rarely practical for the home.

Innovations in tile glazes

terrazzo slabs as a trend for floor design

The creative and innovative design of the glazes reached new heights and this was clearly visible at the Cevisama 2019 exhibition. We experienced exciting processing with salts and minerals and 3-D effects. Terrazzo panels represented the classic trends at the fair.

We discover bold experiments in the color combinations

trendy and unusual spanish tiles

The variety of shapes and colors is also great

tile ideas for the home and garden

Tiles are an important part of the bathroom furniture trend

gray spanish tiles for the bathroom

Spanish Tiles – Design your bathroom with the latest tiles of the year

current designer tiles from the cevisamamesse 2019

The wooden look that has become so modern in recent years continues as a trend

Spanish tiles in wood look for the garden

With the large-format tiles, there is again a tendency to intensively use gray

spanish tiles from the cevisama fair 2019

trendy bastile ceramic tile models

Combine the tiles according to the example of the Cevisama Fair 2019

trendy tiles for the living room

Spanish tiles – The very small tile formats were well represented at the fair

ceracasa ceramica present their spanish tiles


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