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Turn the old bike into a stunning deco bike for your garden!

A perfect garden decoration

Look for clever ones Ideas for an original garden design ? Do you happen to have an old bicycle that is no longer needed? Instead of throwing it away, you can bring it back to life and put it in a new and interesting role. Although the decoration shops are crowded with countless decorative bicycles in different colors and shapes at the beginning of spring, these products can not be compared to a home-made garden decoration! Just put your whole soul into crafting a unique decoration and unfold your entire artistic potential!

Just decorate the bike with colorful plants and hanging flower pots and turn it into a stylish and trendy decoration element. Even if you only have individual bike parts left, you can integrate them into the courtyard masterfully.

This colorful decorative bicycle serves as an eye-catcher

a girl's bike as a garden decoration

In order to look like a truly original and amazing work of art, the bike must first be thoroughly cleaned from the deposited dirt, dust and rust. After that you can paint it in any bright color or simply experiment with different color combinations. Place flower baskets and pots directly on the handlebars, racks and seat and enjoy the result!


You wonder what you could do with the old bicycle tires? These can be placed between the flowers, so that the green plants wrap directly around the tires and produce a stunning effect – in this tender embrace, nature and technology intertwine and become an absolute eye-catcher! In addition, for example, you could make a movable garden table and invite all friends to a wonderful barbecue in the garden right away!

◊Extra Tip: We introduce you to the unusual design of the English artist Bill W. Saunders; the table is in Pasedena Art Museum issued and is to acquire for the “low” price of 2,050,000 euros! However, the design is easy to imitate, especially by the skilled and gifted carpenters among you!

garden table made of wood and bicycle parts

◊Extra Tip: If you do not dare to do this DIY task, then you can get the perfect garden table on bicycle tires without much fuss and at a fair price. The Italians offer a revolutionary design , which can be integrated into the cozy home in winter, as well as in the colorful summer garden. These user-friendly and practical products of the highest quality can be found in 11 shops in Berlin and a total of 96 shops nationwide!

deco bike table for home

We will give you even more inspiration from the images in our gallery and we are sure that you will put your creativity and innovative ideas into action in the best possible way!

Green is the color of nature and therefore symbolizes the rebirth of the surrounding plant world

even in a small space bike integrate

The garden design has never been so much fun!

integrate the bicycle into the garden

Deko Fahrrad – The more colorful, the better and more atmospheric!

An attractive decoration with a bicycle

Spring is already here!

a creative garden design

Deco bike – butterfly, you little thing!

a slightly different bike

Deco bike – garden design made easy!

an original flower pot stand

a white bicycle in the garden

Fahhrad as an original garden decoration

bicycle decoration garden

Decorate your bicycle and place it in the garden

colorful garden with decoration

colorful and atmospheric

hidden in the flowers

red bicycle in the garden

Squeeze and hide the bike

Garden is light and pleasant

deco bike in the garden

bicycle decorate as a flower

Bicycle tires as a unique garden decoration

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