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Unusual ideas for your ice cubes

Ice cube shape smilies yellow

Boring ice cubes? That does not have to be.

Hot summer days and warm, romantic nights – yes, the beautiful summertime is already here. It’s the season of garden parties, convivial outdoor laps and long visits to the balcony. The need for freshness and a cold drink increases with the rise of mercury.


An ice-cold homemade lemonade would be the perfect choice. A healthy thirst quencher is always a good idea. But he looks even better with ice cubes and those that are executed in original form. Cross the borders and be different. Surprise your visit with unconventional ice cubes, which are actually not cubes at all. Today we present you with 17 extraordinary ice cube designs that create a cheerful atmosphere. Not only will you save precious coolness, but it will also contribute to a wow effect at any party.

Let’s start with those good-mood ice-skins you see above. Thanks to the suggestive effect of the smilies you will be able to initiate the smile on the faces of your friends. This funny summer idea can be found at Fab ,

The following ice cube idea is no less effective and, above all, symbolically strong. The anchor stands for hope and is one of the signs of the sea and of travel – just perfect for your summertime.

You can find the anchor ice cubes via West Elm

ice cube shape ice cube holder anchor design

Or do you feel like something more surprising? Then you can try it out with these imaginative shark ice forms. They swim in your drink as in the ocean and look very realistic.

Take a look 2 shoppers

ice cube shape ice design sharks

Classic design for true chess fanatics by Think Geek

ice cube shape ice chess pieces


Lighthouses and telephone booths have always been popular objects. They make us dream of freedom and distance. Maybe these chic ice cube shapes would be just what you are looking for.

Another cool ice cream idea from Think Geek

ice cube shape ice design lighthouses phone booth

Timeless luxury through ice diamond rings Amazon

ice cubes shape ice diamond rings

For those of you who prefer minimalist design and straight lines, the geometric ice shapes of Urban Outfitters just the hit.

Clarity and symmetry made of ice

ice cubes shape ice cream geometric shape

Shark fins in colorful waters – see Amazon

ice cube shape ice sharks

Scary Faces of Convenient Gadgets and Gifts

ice cube shape ice halloween figures

Do you like Turkish honey?

ice cube shape ice cream lokum shape

Oriental sweets also visually provide a cheerful mood and a pleasant palate feeling.

A very different theme is the original ice cubes in the form of Easter Island sculptures. They take us straight to the mysterious distance and bring us with a mystical sensation and thirst for adventure.

Find again 2 shoppers

ice cube easter island statues Cute cat ice cubes of Awesome Ice Cubes – especially suitable for your children’s parties

ice cube shape ice cube tray cat

Dramatic theme with ships and icebergs at Amazon

ice cube shape ice cube trays

Fancy neon green pea ice forms of ModCloth

ice cubes shape green peas motif

Delicate, curved curves of a marine snail Williams Sonoma

Ice cube shape marine motif seashell

Exotic pineapple motifs of Nordstrom

ice cubes shape silicone pineapple design sunnylife

See the legendary movie classic Star Wars in your own glass Think geek

ice cube form star wars death star


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