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Unusual wallpapers make rooms appear full of character

Fancy wallpapers for rooms in different styles

What do you mean by the expression “fancy wallpapers“? This term deserves a little more attention. Ideas about what is outlandish and strange are different from man to man. For some of us, fancy wallpapers just these, space and sci-fi themes show. Others find it peculiar already when you disguise the whole wall with large plant patterns. Decide for yourself what applies to you. There is nothing wrong or right here. Take a look at the examples below! There are wallpapers that you might find unusual. Besides, is that a good sample of how daring or ordinary your taste is? Maybe you should be a bit braver or rather show more restraint.

Fancy wallpapers will definitely bring your mood

unusual wallpaper bedroom wall decoration plants

Traditional, but very realistic

Plant patterns on the wallpaper are not an innovation. Sometimes they are quite realistic and close to nature. It’s bizarre to enter a room that has something of a real forest.

Fancy wallpapers have different effects on people

fancy wallpaper wallpaper pattern forest wall design ideas

Enjoy beautiful views from the living room

wall tapestry fancy wallpaper pattern forest autumn living room design

Under the water

Have you always had a strong connection to the topic sea, sea, and water? Immerse yourself in it completely. Surround yourself with fancy wallpapers with fish and other creatures from the underwater world.

The underwater world can also be enjoyed in the living room …

fancy wallpaper underwater living room gray furniture

Some wallpapers might scare you too…

fancy wallpaper living room fish underwater

Brightly displayed bizarre patterns

What about skulls on the wallpaper? Only a madman can do that, you think? Not really! If these patterns are faded in, they are almost only recognizable by a closer look. That’s just funny then.

The pattern for the bedroom, which makes the ambiance look stylish and reassuring at the same time

fancy wallpaper bedroom walls fashion ideas

Tune the wall wallpaper pattern to the furniture design

wall murals wall design ideas lion stylish

A Mediterranean city

Are you longing for your last summer vacation in the south? Would you like to live in a southern country? Maybe this dream will come true someday! But in the meantime, you can set up a room with pictures of a southern exotic city. They transform your ambiance into a little paradise.

The modern wallpapers also depict cities

wall murals bedroom wall design ideas bedroom bench panoramic window

Do you like Paris?

wall murals living room walls fashion white sofa

Wall murals with metallic elements

The wall murals in a dark room can also have metallic accents. You will experience wonderful effects in combination with the lighting. Such fancy wallpapers are very modern. You can find them in different patterns and colors.

Wallpaper from old times

Vintage and retro wallpapers are very popular and often occur. However, they diverge when it comes to how realistic they reflect one or the other epoch. Some transfer you almost literally to another, bygone time. Maybe that would be your variant for fancy wallpaper.

Wall murals with a geometric pattern stand wonderfully on the bedroom walls

wall murals home decor bedroom wallpaper geometric pattern

Decorate the hallway with retro wallpaper

wall murals hallway wall decor retro wallpaper

When and where should one opt for fancy wallpaper?

Do you feel like fancy wallpapers? Are you sure you will feel like it for a long time? Because sometimes this mood goes by quickly and you start to feel it again as too intrusive and exhausting.

The flower pattern is popular with many people

wallpaper wallpapers large flowers retro dresser

Some wallpapers create cool optical illusions

unusual wallpaper living room decorating planting pillow

So opt for a fancy wallpaper only if you are sure that it will be good for you in the long run. They are usually not cheap and attaching is also associated with a certain effort.

Give the room its own character through a cool wallpaper

fancy wallpaper beach open fireplace panoramic window

Traditional and stylish at the same time

wallpapers wallpaper pattern forest cool floor lamp

Or maybe you should just find the right room?

Is there a guest room or another room that you want to provide more character? Do an experiment. If you feel good there with the fancy wall murals, then you might dare to put them on a larger surface.

Spice up the boring interior design with a beautiful wall wallpaper

fancy wallpaper bedroom accent wall beautiful view

A collage of folders looks cool on the walls of the living room

wallpapers wallpapers wall design ideas living room

The colors

Many people pay particular attention to the patterns, or the subject when choosing wall-paper. Actually, the colors are not less important. Pay attention to these, because they are of crucial importance when it comes to the effect of wallpapers on your mood. With the right nuances, even the most unusual wallpaper will be better perceived even by more critical guests.

Take care that the wallpaper is color-coded into the ambiance

fancy wallpaper dining room landscape sea

Your living room will no longer look impersonal with a fancy wallpaper

fancy wallpaper beach sunset orange sofa

Set fascinating accents in the living room with fascinating wallpapers

fancy wallpaper living room floral design wall design ideas

Give your living room an industrial touch with brick wallpaper

wall murals living room walls fashion brick wall vinyl wallpaper

Combine brick walls with colorful living room carpet

wall murals living room brick wall colored carpet

Combine plants with a floral wallpaper pattern

wallpapers living room green wallpaper purple sofa

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