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Unusual wedding cakes: everything else, just not cute!

Sweet, airy and elegant, the wedding cakes are a must for the wedding party. But the wedding industry is increasingly offering interesting and extraordinary alternatives. Today we will introduce you to unusual wedding cakes made of cheese! These are a symbol of wealth and wealth and can be found more and more frequently on the wedding menu. Take a look at these ideas.

A salty seduction

unusual wedding cakes made from cheese

What does the wedding cake made of cheese look like?

The shape of these pies is reminiscent of the traditional, multi-story wedding cakes. They are made from several kinds of cheese in different sizes. These fancy wedding cakes should also be made from a variety of cheeses to satisfy all the tastes of the guests.

For the lovers of the slightly sweeter cheese taste, you can z. For example, select a suitable variety, combine with fruit and serve. The salty gourmet cheeses, on the other hand, would be perfectly complimented, for example, by a variety of crackers. No matter which cheesecake you choose, all your guests will be thrilled. But this salty cake does not exclude the presence of a sweet such. You can easily combine both.

Celebrate the garden wedding with a fancy cake

garden wedding with fancy wedding cake

For which wedding style are these unusual wedding cakes suitable?

The salty cheesecake would be an ideal dessert for French-Provence, Italian-style weddings, wine, and wine tasting. Such pies are also suitable for outdoor weddings. To complement the whole theme, you can instead of a sweet buffet, one with different sorts of wines. Place the wedding cake of cheese in the middle and combine it with the different types of wine, fruits, and nuts.

In terms of budget, this alternative would certainly be a little expensive, but it is also much more original. So weigh it! What is more important to you – the budget or the originality? We help you to make the decision easier by showing you our fancy wedding cake pictures.

Everything is allowed with regard to the decoration

unusual wedding cakes made of different cheeses

Fancy Wedding Cakes – Surprise your guests

fancy wedding cakes and wedding ideas

The lace is very popular as a cake decoration

wedding cake with lace decorating

fancy cheese pie with roses decorated

As if this cake was sweet

unusual wedding cakes made from cheeses

Fancy wedding cakes – perfect for the vintage wedding

wedding cake for the vintage wedding

Dried fruits complete the cheese flavor

Decorate the wedding cake with dry fruits

to cut the wedding cake

colorful fancy wedding cake

fruits for the wedding cake

wedding ideas for fancy wedding cakes

wedding ideas and wedding cakes ideas

Place wedding cake on wine bottle

wedding cake made of different cheeses

Decorate wedding cake and serve

Wedding cake in vintage style

decorating wedding cake with flowers

Decorate wedding cake with rose blossom

fancy wedding ideas and wedding cakes

Decorating wedding cake with succulents

offering wedding cake with wine

wedding cakes pictures and ideas

wedding cakes ideas and pictures

Combine wedding cake and cupcakes

Ideas for wedding cake decoration

ideas for pie for the wedding

interesting ideas for wedding cakes

cheese loaf as a wedding cake

multi-storey fancy wedding cake

original and unusual wedding cakes

salty wedding cake decorated with flowers

beautiful and unusual wedding cakes

slacige pie for the wedding

sweet and salty wedding cake combine

themed and unusual wedding cakes

Cake decoration for the wedding

arrange cake with cheeses

beautiful ideas for wedding cakes

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