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Use clipboard for your creative wall decor ideas

If you do not enjoy shopping that much, then maybe you are a true craft fan and you are creating different things yourself at home ?! In terms of wall decoration you can then let your imagination run wild! Because there is indeed a jumble of DIY ideas on how to liven up the empty walls yourself!

Do not wonder anymore how your empty one To breathe life into walls But consider this creative idea: why not use clipboards? Maybe it did not occur to you, they could take on such a role, but it is easy to implement and so atypical! From the following examples you can draw inspiration for your own home or for the office!

Colored wall decoration ideas with clipboards

clipboard colored wall decoration ideas beautiful wall paint

Decorate walls playfully with clipboards

There are a number of possibilities for a creative wall decoration. So are you images , Photos, even world maps for letting walls speak. But also much more creative decoration ideas can be listed here. The point is that you can create excellent wall decorations using different materials and objects!


With paper, wood or cork, you can create interesting and captivating decorations that fit perfectly on the wall! All these decorating ideas give you the great opportunity to enhance any room. But with clipboards you give the interior a fresh flair without affecting them visually and make them appear modern and individual …

Banish boredom from the living room wall behind the sofa

clipboard murals hanging ideas

You have a lot of room to experiment! The clipboard wall decoration allows you to create a decorative as well as functional wall decoration. Make art and different drawings stand out. Or, if you prefer to keep an eye on life’s wisdom and messages, bring them to the clipboard! Even your favorite photos could turn into a beautiful wall decoration … But clipboards can also be very practical: Why not use them for keeping notepad, shopping lists or recipes? In the workplace these would be of great use!

Increase productivity in the workplace and / or home office with a playful wall decoration!

clipboard deco workspace wall decoration

Clipboards are functional and attractive wall decoration

clipboard diy wall decoration ideas home office


Creative wall decoration for every room

Through the use of clipboards you can spice up all the rooms in the modern apartment. Living room, bedroom, kitchen and children’s rooms get a dynamic look. You have the freedom to put a single clipboard or a whole set on the wall. Depending on whether you want to set only subtle accents or to provide great highlights in the room. You can also design the wall behind the desk in the home office with clipboards!

You have different design options for the wall decoration with clipboards. Either you can order them vertically or horizontally or hang them anywhere on the wall. These can transform you into a scene of various works of art or simply dye or decorate yourself. Ribbons and silk are perfect for letting your creativity run wild! Incidentally, you can enhance smaller works of art by coloring the clipboard only at the edges!

Leave messages with clipboards

clipboard creative decoration dining area

Create a cheerful atmosphere through the wall decoration in the nursery!

clipboard nursery decorate colored wall decor diy ideas

As you should have noticed, the homemade wall decoration brings a fresh flair in every room. If you want to design your walls yourself, then put on clipboards! They will help you create a spectacular wall design!

Bring More Liveliness to the Desk with Clipboards!

clipboard for home decor use colored

Creative decoration idea with clipboards

clipboard photos photo frame polka dot

Clip boards also serve very practical purposes

clipboard ideas functional wall decoration

Even decorate the clipboards

clipboard ideas creative decoration ideas

clipboard creative wall design ideas

clipboard bedroom wall decoration

clipboard wall decorating ideas desk

clipboard living room wanndeko ideas

do not leave the walls empty!

clipboard ideas pictures wall decoration

clipboard wall decoration functional wall design

clipboard wall decoration collage

clipboard wall design ideas home ideas

clipboard creative crafting funny fresh

Experiment with the wall design!

clipboard drawings hanging notes

clipboard fresh wall decoration diy ideas

Use clipboard for the apartment decoration

clipboard home office organization ideas

clipboard calendar wall home office

Show off the art of your little ones on the wall!

clipboard children's favorite activity yellow wall

clipboard nursery decorate colored wall decor

clipboard wall design ideas to liven up walls

clipboard creative waddeko youth room zig zag carpet

Decorate the wall behind the desk with yoga poses

clipboard office wall decoration ideas creative

clipboard ofiice wall decoration ideas

clipboard wall decoration ideas photos

clipboard wall decoration favorite photos


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