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Used Motorcycle Parts – Fancy Steampunk Style Sculptures

used motorcycle parts designer horse

Used motorcycle parts get their second chance

The designer of these strange sculptures from used motorcycle parts is Tomas Vitanovsky. He comes from the Czech Republic. His whole life he had a strong fondness for cars and motorcycles. He is a hobby motorcyclist and a professional motorcycle mechanic. That’s why he likes working with steel.

One day he came up with a brilliant idea. He had just thrown away some used motorcycle parts and then he suddenly thought – why not just weld them together? In turn, warehouses, gearboxes, chains and outlets were transformed into animals, bicycles, cars and other whimsical sculptures.

Over time, the designer’s technique has improved and he has created more and more complicated objects. Tomas informs that he finds the whole process very exciting. First comes the idea and then he begins to collect the right motorcycle parts. After he finishes, he feels great satisfaction and pride and finds it difficult to part with his own creations. He has discovered many of the small parts in his projects at flea markets and some of them have been donated to him by friends and other nice people.

Take a look at the fabulous, unusual sculptures by Tomas Vitanovsky and enjoy the original result of two passions – for motorcycles and art.

The war horse from used motorcycle parts

used motorcycle parts war horse

An old truck

used motorcycle parts old truck

The head of an alien

Motorcycle parts alien head

Alien – whole figure

used motorcycle parts extraterrestrial whole

A heavily armed scorpion

motorcycle parts scorpion

The proud designer and his scorpion

motorcycle parts scorpion designer


motorcycle parts dinosaur

Oversized lizard

motorcycle parts lizard

The lizard – profile

used motorcycle parts lizard metals

A strange fly

motorcycle parts fly

Giraffe from the side

motorcycle parts giraffe

Giraffe from the front

used motorcycle parts giraffe from the front

High wheel and driver

Motorcycle parts high wheel

A cute dog

motorcycle parts dog

The designer and his dog creation

used motorcycle parts friends

A bizarre figure

motorcycle parts male figure

The marten

motorcycle parts metal marten

The motorcyclist

used motorcycle parts driver motorcycle

The robot Ed

used motorcycle parts robot

Like real friends

used motorcycle parts robot and human

A fancy bird of steel

used motorcycle parts birds

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