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Verandahestaltung – practical tips for your oasis of well-being outside

The weather outside is getting more and more beautiful, the sun is shining more often and its warm rays create a happy atmosphere and a good atmosphere all around us. Now many people dream of a cozy resting place outdoors, where they can enjoy the closeness of nature up close. Are you the same? Then you’ve landed here with us, because it’s all about comfortably designed verandas that exude style and taste. In the next few lines, we will give you practical tips for the Verandahestaltung that meets the highest standards of comfort. We want to help you to design a real oasis of well-being to your own home, where you can rest at any time. On your veranda, you can admire the harmony in nature and recharge your batteries. In addition, you could spend there unforgettable and amusing hours with friends and family. Does anyone have a better idea for the coming summer?

On this covered veranda seating area and dining area are designed side by side, so you have taken advantage of the available space very well.

Verandahestaltung sitting area dining area

But if you are a sunbather, you do not have to be one Holiday in an exotic place book. You may want to stay home in the months ahead and still spend your free time outdoors in the circle of friends and family. What you need in such a case is to make a nice and comfortable retreat in your home.

Would it then be possible to combine the homely atmosphere of your own home with the natural beauty of the garden? We would answer this question in the same way. In this article we want to show you how to achieve an enviable verandah design. Below you will learn how to design an outdoor area to your own home. Our picture examples show cozy verandas, which are executed in different styles. These will continue to inspire you for your very own individual design, which must not be a dream anymore. Because with us your most beautiful dreams can be realized.

You do not need to drive away if you have such a veranda design at home.

Verandahestaltung stone wall wood furniture

Verandahestaltung according to personal preferences and needs

Before we say anything about the design of the veranda, let us remind you that you first have the type of veranda should determine. This can be open or closed, covered or glazed. Also combined Verandagestaltungen are possible. But the most important thing is that the porch expands the living area of ​​your home and allows a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. That’s why you have to decide for yourself which interior design best meets your individual style and personal taste. It could match or contrast with the style of the living space. Very attractive and lately particularly popular is the Verandahestaltung in country house style , It uses as many natural materials as possible to imitate the typical country style. Very often one combines a rough-looking stone wall with a veranda roof made of wood. The floor could be tiled or laid with wooden floorboards. A nice carpet would complement the stylish look in this case.

On this veranda it looks as comfortable as in the living room.

Verandahestaltung stone wall fireplace

A wood-burning stove on the veranda is an excellent solution for those days when the weather is cooler.

Perfect verandah design glazed in country house style

To make good use of your covered or glazed porch both in summer and in the cold months, it is advisable to plan a chimney built into the stone wall or at least a stove there. So your Verandagestaltung will be warm and inviting at any time of the year.

Beautifully designed brick walls are combined with wooden floors to create a heat radiating verandah design.

Perfect porch design brick walls

As always happens with the choice of the design, express also through your Verandagestaltung personal taste and individual sense of style. Therefore, it would be quite possible that you let your creativity into play here. If you are always looking for a sea vacation, then you could use the porch in maritime style shape. Dark blue seat cushions and furniture upholstery, white throw pillows, a few flashy accents in red let the holiday feeling come into their own and make the veranda happy and warm.

White, blue and red in perfect combination. This masterfully designed veranda radiates cheerfulness and holiday feeling.

White blue red throw pillow wicker furniture

The Far Eastern style would certainly not be excluded in the Verandahestaltung.

white furniture upholstery lanterns basket

Also consider a hammock if you have enough space and let your mind wander from time to time!

Garden a lot of green hammock

  • The interplay of forms, colors and decoration makes this stylish veranda design

The interplay of shapes, colors and decoration is particularly important both in the interior and on the porch. Properly selected and placed furniture, warm colors combined with colorful accents are typical of the classic look a porch. The materials are carefully selected in this case, so that they fit well together and in visual harmony with each other.

The brown-beige color palette of this veranda design matches its classic look

Stylish Verandahestaltung classic look brown

But also a Verandagestaltung all in white would be possible. It exudes sophistication and sublime style and attracts with its clear design concept. The monochrome design is broken only by the green of the nearby garden plants.

Cozy dining area on the all-white porch

White veranda design

Scroll down and look at the next picture examples. Sure, you’ll feel inspired by each and every one of the Veranda designs, and you’ll soon want something similar at home.

Have fun and good luck with your own Verandagestaltung wishes you the editors!

Blue, white and red – the popular colors for the design of a sunny veranda.

Blue white red sunny veranda frame

If you like it easier, but more practical ….

Verandahestaltung dining area no decoration

A hanging swing for your cozy hours on the veranda … ..

Porch design in rural style hanging swing armchair

The Verandagestaltung speaks volumes about your personality

Stylish porch design low recliner Japanese style

On the open veranda you can even sunbathe in good weather ….

Open porch

… teach the children to paint

Verandahestaltung table for painting with children

… or rest completely undisturbed.

Simple veranda design two rocking chairs red undisturbed rest


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