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Vertical garden in your house – cool wall design ideas

vertical garden wall design idea

Green Partition system lets you design your own green wall of plants

Have you ever dreamed that you have more green in the decor of your home? If this is the case then we have a wonderful solution for you. Ann Baldina designed the great Green Partition System. One can not describe this as grand with any other term.

It makes the house look beautiful and cleans the air even more.

Vertical garden in your house

vertical wall garden

Green Partition consists of transparent panels. These are made of organic glass. Curved holes have been integrated into the project. The lower area is made of frosted glass. It covers a block of plants that has been integrated into the base.

The system

Vertical garden system


There is a frame between the panels. It serves to wrap plants around it. You can thereby design interesting shapes and figures.

You can integrate the idea into any room. Thus, one will provide there for a greener, natural, fresher appearance. Since the project is transparent, it is thus possible to separate areas in an open housing plan. The room will not be narrowed or dark.

Bring freshness and serve as a partition

green walls with vertical garden

If you look at the website of the manufacturer You will also discover many other benefits of this installation.

They emphasize that it not only makes your home look better, but also verifiably purifies the air in it. It is recommended to use such a green wall in kitchens, living rooms or any other place where you want to create a greener ambience.

To the device you also get already green plants.

Green walls for every room

green walls system

There are a total of three different types of Green Partition on offer. You could choose one or the other model, depending on the style you want at home.

They call themselves “Green Apple”, “Green Waves” and “Colored Eggs”. The first is classic and can easily be used in a variety of rooms. The second is very suitable to use as a partition in living rooms. The third variant is recommended if you want to separate a common room from the dining room.

Apple shape

living with a vertical garden

In the middle of it between the plants fluorescent lights have been integrated, which provide a great shine in the room.

Now some pictures of different variants.

Vertical garden in the bathroom

bathroom with vertical gates

Herb wall in the kitchen

green walls at home

Create fresh air in the room

interior with green walls

Cool decor

vertical garden at home

Entrance area with green plants

wall design green walls

Feeling like in the jungle

living at home with vertical garden

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