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Vintage Deco: Old charm as a new trend

For furniture, the vintage style has long been rediscovered and is intuitively combined with modern, rustic, colonial or luxurious furnishing stands. But also in the area of ​​living room decoration, the look continues through and provides in many living rooms for a graceful, harmonious flair. Floral patterns and cheerful colors, especially candy pink and light blue or turquoise, huge ornaments or beads, embroidery and lots of wood dominate the current living trends. If you do not want to completely change your decor to vintage, you can choose small and beautiful things for a comfortable indoor climate with charming accents.

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Deco from the past and the current boom

voluminous embroidered sofa cushions made of wool or silk, crocheted murals or couch wool throws, Curtains with flowers Carpets with ornaments or floral patterns are not inventions of modern times. Already in the 50s to 70s, these decorative elements adorned many houses and apartments. With the new retro trend these patterns and often flashy colors return and experience an unforeseen comeback.

The same applies to ancient-looking kitchen appliances , for bowls of copper or flowered porcelain plates , Even old dial-up phones are decorative today, even if they do not replace the modern mobile phone in communication and primarily as a visual highlight on your desk or in the buffet of your living room find a place.

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The minimalistic, puristic furnishing style that has advanced in recent years has made you want more color and unusual shapes. Thus, the vintage trend is no coincidence, but should bring more life and comfort in the rooms. And if you are honest, even with small details succeed your project and you are inspired by the charming aura of the old-looking decoration.

Popular vintage articles in the decoration of living spaces

Decorative things in retro design today are just as practical as they are individual. So it’s not just about the color and pattern, but the functionality is also an important part of the selection. Round or square patchwork stools made of sturdy fabric or leather, carved figures and sculptures, cozy blankets and cushions are among the most popular vintage accessories in living rooms.

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In the hallway, an old telephone set can attract attention, and in the bathroom there are toilet paper holders that remind of old times with flourishes and filigree decorations as well as their metal fabrication. In the bedroom, the bedspread is made of quilted material or in knit again and warms the room climate visually. To love the vintage look, you do not have to pay attention primarily to old objects or refer exclusively to flowers and ornaments. All candy colors or home textiles with large patterns or complementary colors are part of the retro design and create a harmonious atmosphere.

Examples of a stylish vintage decoration

With the new wood furniture trend, the perspective on the decoration has changed. Iron and rusty metal, copper or brightly colored plastic and old wood play an increasingly important role in decorating. Create a stylish vintage décor, for example, on your modern sofa, draping a wool blanket or choosing embroidered sofa cushions. A small iron occasional stool also lends the room its own charm and awakens memories of times long gone. African carvings or Asian decoration has established itself in vintage style and may seem a bit cheesy.

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Chandeliers with pearls and glass ornaments, lamps made of paper or mirrors with large golden, pink or neon green frames are among the “must-haves” in the retro decoration. The kitchen is dominated by pitchers and kettles, manual coffee grinders and metal coffee makers. The plates are no longer monochrome and cutlery can be provided with plastic handles.

Combine properly and create atmosphere

The vintage style brings some challenges with it and should be stylishly matched especially in the decorative area. For example, if you have chosen colorful furniture, the decoration may be made of natural wood or iron. If your furniture is simple and simple, you can work with a lot of plastic and colorful fabrics, prefer extraordinary patterns and also put together bright colors. Make sure that the decoration in its format matches the size of the room and does not look like knickknacks. Even though the vintage look gives the permission for kitschy graceful decoration, large decorative elements look more stylish than a large variety of smaller figures and accessories.

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Courage for vintage decoration

Conclusion: Have the courage to color and commit to patterns that you have always liked and that you could not integrate in your style of living. The new trend with old charm gives you plenty of scope to revive childhood or youth memories and integrate them into your home. By the way: not only women are allowed to decorate pink or in neon colors. Even in a men’s household, the vintage look offers plenty of room for new ideas and a very individual choice of colors.

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Tip: Certain rarities can go pretty well into the money. As to buy vintage deco budget-friendly can, also in the “Do ItYourself” method, is well summarized in Sparpirat. Speaking of DIY: Diverse Tutorials on YouTube For example, to make vintage signs or nostalgic glasses yourself, are often practical instructions for “self-makers”.

Otherwise, you will also find Pinterest and similar platforms thousands of ideas for the vintage interior decoration. To get suggestions there and then implement them according to your own preferences is definitely recommended.

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Of course, your deco items may look old-fashioned and present themselves with polished edges, faded colors, or a second-hand looking surface. This is precisely the charm of the style, which gives you infinite possibilities in decorating!

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