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Vintage decoration – current ideas for the year 2018

Each interior offers a lot of attractiveness and always provides a comfortable atmosphere in the room. The furnishing ideas are now perfectly thought out to the last detail, pre-planned and designed according to individual taste. But no other interior makes for so much attention right from the first moment as the vintage decoration. More and more people are choosing vintage design and the interest in it is growing every year, not only in Germany, but around the world. Our editors want to look at the latest trends, decorative elements and pieces of furniture that will play an important role in 2018.

The vintage decoration is always considered a correct decision

design vintage look ideas

How important is the vintage decoration for the entire wall design?

An inseparable part of the vintage decoration is definitely the atypical wall design. The old decorative elements remind us of the 60s and thus no other interior decor impresses us so deeply.

Unfortunately, paintings and works of art do not belong in the product range of the vintage decoration, but the retro picture frames.

Round and black shapes are considered classic and are reminiscent of the beginning of the 19th century, the pictures are black and white accordingly. These images impress from a distance and are nowadays very popular not only for design lovers, but also for millions of photographers. The reason for this is that the sculptural effect of the black and white images evokes many memories of childhood.

Picture frame with black and white illustrations – A classic

Vintage colors nuances

Create a vintage photo wall yourself

current tips for vintage decoration design

Vintage decorative elements and pieces of furniture

Would a vintage interior design be possible without old decorative elements such as suitcases, old books and retro clothes hooks? Unimaginable, right? First, grab the elements that create a vintage feel from the entryway, such as a coat hook with old hangers. Surprise your guests with stylish vintage deco elements right from the start, it’s worth it! The wooden coat hooks and metal hangers leave nothing to be desired. Choose different forms of coat hooks, because the classic vintage decoration is characterized by a diversity.

Create a cool atmosphere in the entrance area

Coat hooks room design vintage colors nuances

After our successful article about decoration with vintage suitcases for Christmas, we believe that the unusable decorative element symbolizes only one thing – nostalgia. You can position the suitcases anywhere in the house and also use them as a table decoration. Old typewriters can be perfectly combined with vintage suitcases. Thus, the combination of exclusivity is hard to beat – it combines nostalgia with attractiveness in one!

Typewriter as a vintage decoration on the table

Room design vintage colors nuances

A design highlight of the vintage decoration and the vintage decor is definitely the right choice of furniture. This does not mean that the furniture in every room should have a vintage look. In 2018, the claim “less is more” seems more appropriate for this type of interior design. The following pictures show that the vintage pieces of furniture are no more than three in each room. Shelves, chairs and sofas can be perfectly combined with the vintage wall design. It’s best to choose pieces of furniture that have a unique look and feel and bring vintage flair to the ambience.

Position the vintage suitcases practically in the room

Interior vintage look ideas

Are you ready for new ideas, new fascinating designs and an interior design with a lot of personal touch? If yes, then you will find the answer in the following picture gallery, which provides the best ideas for vintage decoration!

Remembering the childhood in the bedroom? A good idea!

bedroom with vintage look

Put a lot of value on wall design

Interior design vintage look ideas Interior design vintage

Old pieces of furniture made of wood enhance the space

Tips for vintage decoration design Tips for vintage design

Pay attention to the smallest detail in the room

for vintage decoration design Vintage furniture design concept colors and lines

Create a varied vintage decoration

Furniture design concept colors and lines

Design concept colors and lines vintage

Vintage interior design sounds stylish. Feels like that too!

Vintage design concept colors and lines Concept colors and lines vintage

The retro pieces of furniture are classics in the interior design

vintage concept colors and lines cool tips for vintage decoration design

Combine the vintage decoration with neutral colors

shelf vintage tips for vintage deco design


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