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Vintage suitcases bring more romance and nostalgia into your home

vintage suitcase serving breakfast

Vintage suitcases get a second chance

Past times have always had a strong impact on many of us. It’s strange how the time runs out for us. How we change. But even more peculiar is that the objects are much more durable and solid than the people and remain present, while their inventors and manufacturers are long gone.


Maybe that’s where the fascination of the old things, the antiques, hides. They all have a special, unmistakable aura, which gives every ambiance romance and nostalgia. That’s exactly the case when it comes to vintage suitcases.

Vintage suitcases with an authentic look steal the show

vintage suitcase colorful dresser dresser retro

Such suitcases have a distinctive character, rough texture and even a specific smell of melancholy and adventure. No wonder they are among the most popular items used in home decorating. You will not only find these charismatic suitcases in your basement, but also at flea markets and in antique shops. These are available in different sizes and different colors. Some are plain and worn, others striped or classic patterned. There is something for every taste.

Thanks to their relatively hard housing, vintage suitcases are suitable as cupboards, dressers, chests, storage boxes and even dog beds. As versatile and multifunctional as they are, old suitcases very often get their second chance and become original DIY projects not only indoors, but also outdoors.

Painted in white, every vintage suitcase turns into a dream piece of furniture

vintage suitcase diy bedside table

Take a look at how to make beautiful pieces of furniture that are unique and meaningful with very little effort and a pinch of imagination. The good thing about vintage suitcases is that you can paint them as you please by creating an elegant effect. Or you can just leave them as authentic. The old retro patterns and the wear marks bring a unique atmosphere, which in turn nostalgic and mystical effects on those present.

Do you have any idea where to put such a vintage suitcase? Or maybe two, or three …

From this you can make a charming craft box

vintage suitcase craft box


Suitably decorated, old suitcases can look quite modern

vintage suitcase side table

An original table stand of a special kind

vintage suitcase coffee table round glass top

Adventurous wall shelf for unconventional women

vintage suitcase diy small cosmetic cupboard closet

Soft padding turns the old suitcase into a comfortable chair

vintage suitcase diy small chair upholstered

Make your daughter happy!

vintage suitcase diy toy dollhouse

Vintage suitcases have an expressive profile

vintage suitcase diy closets retro

A bunk bed for spoiled cats

retro suitcase bunk bed cats

Perfect addition to your vintage wedding

retro suitcase greeting card holder crate

The little one will feel very well here

vintage suitcase dog bed blue

This also fits a cute food dish

vintage suitcase dog accessories food bowl

Stylish fireplace decoration in white

retro suitcase fireplace decoration

Combine the vintage suitcase with other retro items for an even more powerful effect

vintage suitcase dresser nightstand

A strange chalk board at the front door

retro suitcase chalkboard board

And how about a chic, practical beverage trolley?

vintage suitcase retro beverage cart

An adorable bedside table in pastel colors

retro suitcase stack nightstand retro

Quaint and authentic for smaller items

retro suitcase closet small

Vintage suitcases can be elegantly upholstered with textiles or leather

vintage suitcase upholstery decoration


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