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Vintage tea party decoration – the old tradition appears in a new light

“Would you like some coffee? – No, dear tea! “You can hear that a thousand times a day, because drinking tea is once again a hot trend. Many people know the old English Tea time Tradition of drinking a cup of fragrant tea in the afternoon. Others prefer the hot drink in the morning and drink Herbal or detoxification tea for a good start into the new day. If you are a passionate tea drinker, then this article is for you. We now want to show you how the old tradition of drinking tea with friends now appears in a new light. We also want to help all readers organize tea parties and decorate them in vintage and shabby chic. Usually today’s tea parties are closely associated with these two styles. Everything there has to be sophisticated and chic, a bit quaint and very cozy. What exactly belongs to the Vintage Tea Party Deco, we explain the same.

The atmosphere of a vintage tea party has to be very cozy and inviting.

Vintage tea party deco cozy inviting tea cake

The vintage tea party deco depends primarily on the venue
Whether you’re celebrating a (children’s) birthday or Mother’s Day with your family, or just sitting with friends, a vintage tea party is a great way to spend amusing time together. Moreover, this is a fitting reason that every guest dresses accordingly in vintage style.


You can throw a successful tea party in your own home or out in the garden, if the weather cooperates. The venue is crucial for the vintage tea party decoration. If you are lucky with the weather then you can decorate a cozy outdoor party corner. A festively decorated table with white tablecloth, some vintage vases with beautiful cut flowers and balloons in delicate pastel colors complete the traditional, rustic garden party feeling. Outside, you can also provide vintage lanterns and fairy lights that look good in the sun. At nightfall, they provide the necessary party lighting.

The vintage tea party decoration does not have to be over the top, but always done with attention to detail.

Vintage tea party decoration ideas

The pastel colors dominate in the vintage tea party decoration

Vintage tea party deco pastel colors

– What else belongs to the vintage tea party decoration?
The same decorative elements are also used very well inside the house. Inside, too, the successful vintage tea party decoration is the key to a successful event. Get your beautiful teaware out of high quality porcelain and arrange it on the table. Vintage tea service with gold trim, vintage teapots in silver sheen, stunningly decorated plates and finely shaped cake stands are in demand. These transform immediately into real eye-catchers on the tea party table. Decorate with fresh flowers, scatter pearls here and there, because that’s typically vintage! Even you could hang mini cages with flowers and balloons over the table. All this creates a cozy party atmosphere in vintage style.

Pure vintage! How adorable your vintage tea party decoration can be!

Cake stand cupcakes cage cake in vintage style


Beautiful teaware and floral decorated cake stand are absolute must-haves at the vintage tea party decoration

– The classic vintage tableware is a must at Vintage Tea Party!
The beautiful vintage tableware is perfect for a tea party and represents the nuts and bolts of vintage tea party decoration. The shapes and ornaments are truly unique, reminding us of ancient times. If you do not have original English porcelain, you should not worry though. Important is the idea of ​​the vintage tea party decoration. On the market you can currently find very good imitations, which are also inexpensive. These are fantastic porcelain teacups, teapots and cake stands that you just need for any tea party. This teaware exudes finesse and expresses your style and taste perfectly.

Quaint and stylish at the same time

– What is being offered in vintage dinnerware at a tea party?
The charm of a vintage tea party is easily in the stylish vintage tea party decoration. But such parties also have other pluses, for example, their menu does not have to be too complicated. The food is mainly about finger food. There are so small sandwiches, cakes and pretty little cupcakes offered. These are presented on beautiful cake stands. These are fantastic centerpieces on the festively decorated table and every hostess immediately thrills their guests with it. And if you have a couple of multi-tiered cake stands at the table, that would be even better. So all guests can easily reach the delicious food and create a sociable atmosphere while eating. To the sweets necessarily a well-tasting tea belongs. You can offer your guests the classic, that is English Breakfast Tea or Earl Gray, but other teas are also perfect for a vintage style tea party.

Tea and cupcakes are part of every vintage tea party!

Vintage tea party deco tea cupcakes

The eye eats too!

Vintage tea party deco classic teaware cupcakes

We hope that we have given you a lot of inspiration for your next vintage tea party! Maybe the next video would be very useful if you are looking for a classic and unusual vintage tea party decoration. We hope you enjoy watching our editorial office and have some nice moments at your vintage tea parties!

The more vintage, the better!

Vintage tea party deco very striking

For the little ones it is also very interesting and amusing.

Vintage tea party deco balloons garlands vintage clothing

There are always many nice things to snack on!

Vintage tea party decoration lots of nice things to snack on

Vintage tea party decoration a lot of nice ideas for snacking

Stylish, but a bit out of style.

Vintage tea party deco stylishly fancy

Fresh cut flowers are real eye-catchers on the vintage decorated table.

Table decoration ideas Vintage tea party decoration

Organize a small vintage tea party in the garden and celebrate in a tight circle ….

Vintage tea party decoration in the garden

… or just enjoy the afternoon tea outside in peace ….

Alone the afternoon tea in the garden enjoying vintage style

Pastel colors are everywhere at the vintage tea party decoration

Everything in Pastel Vintage Tea Party Deco

but also many delicate flowers

Delicate flowers everywhere spread pink roses very stylishly

Beautiful vintage cake stands are a must!

Elegant cake stand

Please enter! The Vintage Tea Party can begin!

Candles and pearls are typically vintage!

Candles beads typical vintage tea party decoration

The tea set exudes elegance and style

Teaware Vintage Tea Party Decoration shiny beautiful

… .. and enchanted by patterns and colors

Enjoy your work – the vintage tea party decoration and enjoy a cup of tea with family and friends!


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