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Wall cladding made of wood – ideas for indoor and outdoor use

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Wall cladding made of wood: It also gives the modern interior design a very original and warm look

Wood is becoming an increasingly difficult material to replace, both inside and outside. That people basically feel this way can be seen from many examples. Warm, rich in textures, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, clean and simply beautiful: these qualities make it one of the most popular materials in modern exterior design.

New ways of application

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Designers have achieved great success in the last few years and have done great experiments with this noble material. This is absolutely unique as such.

Free imagination

wood wallcovering wall design ideas wall design wood

Their imagination has always let artists fly freely. But not with all materials. The fact that the wall cladding often creates super innovative works and can even convey abstract messages is probably a very modern trend.

That’s not surprising. Thanks to modern technologies, the wood has become a soft material that is very easy to shape. You can create great lines and shapes from it.

Universal and long lasting

wall design ideas wallcovering wooden living ideas

The wall cladding made of wood is universal and can last a long time. That’s why it was used a lot and often in interior design. It is interesting, however, above all that often even ultramodern technologies can not replace their effect and effect in the interior design.

The return to the classic

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Also modern designers seem to rediscover the classic again. They create objects in which the texture plays a leading role. This seems to be as unique as the fingerprints themselves. Their aesthetic beauty emphasizes the designer objects with the help of colors, shapes, as well as by the combination of different ones.

The special role in the wall cladding

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The properties we have just listed apply to all products made of wood. But now we come to his special role in the wall cladding. Again thanks to the technologies, designers come up with great textures and shapes. Even the most unusual floor plans can benefit from it.

A decorative element in itself

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The wood paneling mirrors in the minimalist trend wonderful. It works as a jewelry and through them all the other types of interior design are unnecessary. That is why it is very popular in many industrial and personal homes and buildings.

Last but not least, it can also be wonderfully combined with other, even very rough materials, such as concrete.

A contribution to world design

exterior facade house facade wood wall paneling made of wood

The wall cladding made of wood can also be described as a trend in world design. But historically, this also has a connective role. It shows that the people of different cultures, even if they lived apart from each other, show a uniform taste for the true quality and aesthetics.

A great wood paneling for the ceiling

furnishing ideas apartment wood wall paneling real wood

A wavy darkwood exterior

facade cladding wood facade wall cladding made of wood

Do you like this kitchen design?

wood wallcovering home decor kitchen wall decoration ideas

The wood wall cladding is very suitable for the Scandinavian style

wall cladding from wood wall cladding ideas wall decoration ideas

Combine the wall cladding with the floor covering

home decor furnishing ideas wallcovering made of wood

An interesting and playful wooden wallcovering

home interior wallcovering wood furnishing ideas wall decor

Would you like to decorate your house facade with wood?

wall cladding facade facade design wood wall cladding

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