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Wall clock design – Great decoration for the wall

orange sofa living wall clock round orange

Wall Clock Design – Inspiring Decorating Ideas

Wall clocks have long been something more than a way to quickly find out the exact time. They add a decorative accent to the interior design, they are a great decoration for your walls. From the following pictures you will become aware that these different wall decals can easily replace them and make them look beautiful.

Some designs even have more of a decorative function than functional ones. The designers have masterfully combined style, elegance and functionality in the wall clocks, and the end effect is simply gorgeous!

Black butterflies that have broken off the dial. Great idea, right?

design wall clock black stylish original

A modernist design with a dial in a beautiful pastel color

design wall clock round light pink dial key

A fitting one wall clock design can attract all the attention. More and more models are to be seen, which actually have no dial. Clock hands prove quite sufficient to cause a stir. So do not underestimate the wall clock. It can be a small interior addition, but can sometimes be completely noticeable! And so, do you hang a new clock on the wall?

An elegant decoration idea for the living room wall perhaps

design wall clock elegantly beautiful living ideas

Mediator can not be a wall clock design

wall-hung design modern black clock hands wood

Wall Clock Flower

wall clock design elegant living room wall

Wall clock in musical note form

design wall clock music note white black clock hands

Marble design

wall clock design round shape white stylish

Wall clock in fresh green design

wall clock design green black clock hands

Wall clock design in pastel colors

wall clock design modern colored fresh

Inspiring wall clock with pendulum

wall clock design pink beautiful living ideas

Fancy design

wall clock design elegant innovative modern

One has shown in this design the clock mechanism

design wall clock clock mechanism beautiful living ideas

Design with owls

wall clock design owls funny inspirational

Like colored pins

wall clock design colored interesting beautiful living ideas

The wall has been decorated around the wall clock. As a result, a nice decoration has emerged

wall clock design around living room green sofa

A very distinguished design in silver color

wall clock design stylish deco

Wall clock like peacock

wall clock design elegant wall decor living room

A wall clock like ceramic dish -white with red flowers

design wall clock ceramic red flower

The numbers have been engraved on the dial

wall clock design white dial black clock hands

Wooden sun with clouds. Quite suitable for the nursery wall

wall clock sun design funny cloud

Here is a great model for the nursery

wnduhr design friendly face orange

World map dial

design wall clock world map dial original

Living room with elegant round wall clock. It is important that the wall clock combines with the rest of the interior elements

living room wall clock design sofa throw pillow carpet

Wall clock with spoons and forks – perfect for the kitchen, do not you think?

wall clock design flatware red armchair


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