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Wall Colors Ideas and Examples – Which colors fit in your home

wall colors ideas living room warm colors stripes orange

Wall Colors Ideas and Examples – How to choose the colors for the home

Today, it’s about a very complicated question – the choice of colors for your home. However, I would like to inform you in advance that there are no far too stringent rules and contexts here.

But you must consider some factors specific to your home: the amount of natural light in the room, the colors of the furniture, the overall effect you want to achieve, and so much more.

Instead of a guidebook, we thought that you could rather use some examples. Then we will discuss the techniques that have been used there. Because we think that just the many good examples can help you make the right choice.

Possibilities for the combination with colors

Now, let’s start by presenting the different strategies that will help you find the right solution? You can paint the walls in the same shades as the sofa. Against the backdrop of the walls, this sofa looks even more wonderful. The end result is a rich and beautiful vision.

Wall colors Ideas that refresh and spice up your home

wall colors ideas living room blue green living room

You can also vary the same idea a bit. Instead of using the same shade, you should take a tone lighter or darker. You have a lighter shade on the wall and a dark colored sofa.

Match the color of the sofa with that of the wall

wall colors ideas living room bright gray red

Do not you want to match the nuances on the wall and the furniture? But you would like to use related elements? Then you will probably like the next idea better. You can then do the Color of the wall emphasize by inserting some wonderful throw pillows.

Light mint green and white – an example of maritime design

wall colors ideas living room turquoise white

The next example refers to the decoration in the bedroom. One has chosen a main color for the texture of the bed linen and this was then added to the wall. The result is more than satisfactory, do not you think?

Matching wall color in the bedroom

wall colors ideas living room pink pink

If you like the fancy combinations, then this example will be just right for you. Here you have the same bedding as used in the example below, but you have used a completely different accent color in this case. The contrast appears surprisingly appropriate.

Make color contrasts!

wall colors ideas living room wood headboard red bedroom light blue

We have to deal again with a bedroom and again a Bettwäschekomplekt. So you can clearly see what role the color plays in the decoration of the room. The room was done in a blue-gray color and the decoration is fresh and modern. Then we have the same bedding again, but against a brown background! Notice how the impression of the color changes completely.

Harmonious color palette in the bedroom

wall colors ideas living room bedding gray bedroom

The same bedroom, but a different wall color. Which example do you like better?

wall colors ideas living room bedding gray bedroom olive green darken

Accentuation of the wall

If you still want to deal with the painting of the whole apartment, think about the possibility to paint a wall. One often chooses the wall behind the bed to make it in a very eye-catching color.

You can wonderfully enliven the room with this method.

Just paint one wall in your favorite color!

wall colors ideas bedroom white blue bright

The next example also shows that shading is a wonderful way to create variety in the room. You create character and charm in this room.

Yellow is a very lively and energetic color

wall colors ideas living room yellow orange white

Improvise with the colors

Improvise! This is something very funny and interesting. But there are many things to consider. Again, we will not philosophize for a long time, but give a few concrete examples.

You can make the wall two-tone, if you carefully choose the shades. For example, you have used the white colors first and otherwise you have put on the olive shading.

wall with two colors

wall colors ideas living room sofa bicoloured

What do you think about the stripes? This will make the room appear higher or wider, depending on how you use it. Below, we see a string of white and cobalt blue stripes, providing a wonderful complement to the brown shades of the room.

Wall design with colored stripes

wall colors ideas living room stripes dark blue, white

At the end of this article, I want to give you a wonderful example. It’s about the retro appearance. You can clearly see that the courageous choices and actions together can look wonderful.

Living room furniture in warm colors

wall colors ideas living room warm color palette white stripes

In this sense, my message to you is: Dare to experiment and brave your space!


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