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Wall colors ideas for a lively interior design

wall colors ideas wall paint test color design farrow ball colors

Fresh wall colors ideas

Do you fancy a refreshing wall design that will liven up and spice up your home? Well, then you are right here, because we have some fresh wall colors ideas ready for you.

The white walls have already gone out of fashion.

Too boring, too impersonal and “sterile” has a classic white wall design, right? What do you mean? Do you like the white wall paint?

Those of you who are into the traditional can choose from a variety of bright shades, such as “Great White,” “Strong White,” “Old White,” “Lime White,” and other White Nuncens that you’ll find in the Color palette of Farrow & Ball can find. And for those who need a splash of color in their home, there’s a wide range of vibrant colors available – “Blue Ground”, “Hound Lemon”, “Arsenic”, “Rectory Red” … all these and many other colors you can easily join Kent Blaxill to order.

Farrow & Ball colors create a lively color scheme

wall paints ideas wall paint test farrow ball colors

Farrow & Ball wall paint test

wall colors ideas farrow ball colors wall paint test

The color chart of Farrow & Ball you can Order online for free and so you have all 132 Farrow & Ball colors at hand. The wall design would be much easier, right? Be inspired by the following expert examples and create a fresh wall design exactly according to your ideas.

Let’s start with the neutral wall colors such as beige and gray, which can also be mixed very interesting … Below are 6 color combinations; each of them consists of 4 very similar shades (2 lighter and 2 darker). The mix of the four shades of gray serves as a contrast, which we naturally find great. Because a much darker shade can very well frame the whole room and add chic color accents. This is a trick that you can implement, no matter what color you work with.

Neutral colors on the wall

wall colors ideas farrow ball colors wall paint test beige tones

Farrow & Ball colors

wall colors ideas wall paint test farrow ball

What are the trend colors for this year? We would also like to know that. According to PANTONE, the tender purple shades are in vogue. The inspiring color of the orchid exudes romance and dreaminess. This wall paint makes us dream, but which color will reduce the stress in our everyday life? Of course, the green. The mild green nuances have a soothing and relaxing effect. That’s no secret. According to Farrow & Ball, exactly these are Color shades in the trend – “Breakfast Room Green”, “Light Blue”, “Pink Ground” and “Tanners Brown”.

Test the green wall color

wall colors ideas farrow ball colors wall paint test trend colors 2015

Something stronger green than relaxing wall paint

wall colors ideas farrow ball colors green wall paint test

Would you run the risk of using a bright wall paint like bright orange?

wall colors ideas orange wall paint test farrow ball

Combine the wall colors so that you create a cozy feel-good place. Use pastel colors and bright shades that would visually brighten and enlarge your living space. The following examples will give you a general idea, but do not forget that your own sensation should serve as your landmark. Ask yourself which color shades you find soothing and comfortable and which concrete wall paint has a positive effect on you. You probably have different answers for the different living areas. This is completely normal.

Get fresh inspiration and get started! With the Farrow & Ball colors you have a lot of freedom!

Combine wall paint and ceiling color successfully – accept this challenge!

wall colors ideas farrow ball colors homeoffice wall paint test

White ceiling color and light blue wall color – a suitable combination for the bedroom

wall colors ideas farrow ball colors bedroom wall paint test

Fresh color mix

wall colors ideas yellow wall paint test farrow ball

Wall color in dark gray

wall colors ideas gray wall paint test farrow ball colors

Blue tones create a maritime atmosphere

wall colors ideas farrow ball colors blue wall paint test

Accent wall in your favorite color – the best decision

wall paints ideas blue wall paint test farrow ball

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