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Wall Colors Ideas – Inspirations of Pantone 2018

The beginning of March is probably the latest time to find out about the colors of the year from Panton. At least that’s in time for those who want to use these shades in the wall colors ideas. For at least two reasons, you should look at the following overview. First, Panton’s trend predictions are almost always one hundred percent accurate. In addition, the shades are simply super appealing. They will bring style and freshness to any interior design.

Some classic wall paint ideas in Pantone interpretation

Wall colors ideas like a painting

Updated classics for your wallpainting ideas

At least three colors from the selection of Pantone we can clearly describe as updated classics. The current form of the bright yellow is called this year Meadowlark, in German – meadow larch. For red one takes according to Pantone 2018 most like cherry tomato and the modern blue is called Little Boy Blue.

The first two bring a lot of emotions with them. The first radiates more openness and the second – more temperament and self-confidence. The blue shading provides balance and a sense of transparency. Ideally, these wall colors are ideas for the modern interior design, which, however, would like to draw on classic forms and inspirations.

Here we see several beautiful wall colors of Pantone

Wall colors ideas light pink

Sophisticated solemnity

Beige-based colors, as well as the muted variants of pink and purple are always super upscale. Individually and in combination, they are preferred in fashion for solemn occasions of the highest class. This concerns especially the ladies. For a noble yet feminine touch you can set accents in the interior. Or you choose them for wider areas on your walls and immerse yourself in the appropriate atmosphere.

Combination of beautiful wall colors with royal effect. Ravishing, right?

Wall colors ideas for interesting wall design

Wall colors ideas with a royal character

Making luxury more accessible seems to be a major concern for many interior designers. With certain colors, this effect has traditionally been achieved relatively easily. Violet, dark green and brown bear such a character. The Pantone variants for 2018 are called each Ultraviolet , Arcadia and Emperador.

Radiant and optimistic wall paints are available at Pantone!

Wall colors ideas white and yellow

Inspired by beautiful scents

Some colors bring the association with some pleasant scents. And you have a beneficial effect. Wall colors Ideas with such shades provide reassurance and optimism. Maybe you even want to combine them with the corresponding aromas? These are the bright purple color of the year Almost Mauve, Spring crocus, the yellow of the crocuses in spring, and the lime punch lime.

Great combinations fold with beautiful wall colors. Here is an example!

Wall colors ideas geometric results

In the spring the classic prevails!

Some classics of the cold season prevail in the spring. They also have a calming effect and therefore a positive appearance. This is a good transition to the happy summer. These colorful colors of the year are called Sailor Blue, Harbor Mist, Warm Sand and Coconut Milk. Especially the first and third shading evokes summery associations. You can already introduce these and certainly then add great in the summer!

Do you love wall-paint ideas in blue? There are several such shades in Pantone!

appealing blue wall colors ideas

The current beautiful wall colors can stay modern for several seasons!

blue and beige wall colors ideas

Why do not you carry out the stairs in a current Pantone color?

yellow staircase wall colors ideas

Kusntvolle wall design in current Schasttierungen is possible with Pantone

impressionist wall colors ideas

Grab geometry if you want to combine several beautiful wall colors

several colored squares wall colors ideas

Or choose one that is pretty nice!

Pantone accent wall paint ideas

With the current beautiful wall colors of Pantone, your interior design can look uplifted like a museum!

stylish accents wall colors ideas

Another striking example of modern wall design with Pantone colors.

Wall colors Ideas great figures

With the current Pantone-Blaus you achieve a particularly relaxed atmosphere

Wall colors ideas great blue

Would you use the current wall colors for the zoning of the room?

Wall colors ideas light blue accent wall

With the current wall colors ideas, you can also achieve a retro look

Wall colors ideas modern beige

Another nostalgic design with modern wall colors!

Wall colors ideas pink inspiration

Noble and refreshing is this beautiful wall color. Probably inspired by Pantones Arcadia!

Wall colors ideas beautiful green

Here are several neutrals in a nice combination!

pantone wall colors ideas sloping roof

The current beautiful wall colors of Pantone can be well mated with each other.

Wall colors ideas different shades

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