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Wall Decals – cool and innovative design

Cool wall decals are very trendy

It does not always have to be pictures or a new coat of paint to give your rooms a new look. A wall tattoo can be brought to the wall with a few simple steps and immediately achieves a great and impressive effect. The selection of high quality products with unique designs and exceptional designs is very extensive. No wonder, because the innovative wall tattoos are very trendy and come in countless shapes, colors and sizes. This allows an individual design of the premises, which will become a real eye-catcher through this refinement. Creativity and inspiration create attractive hotspots that will add visual accents. The decorative tattoos exude their own charm and put every room of the house perfectly in scene.

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Easy attachment – lasting pleasure

In principle, a wall tattoo can be attached to almost any surface of a wall with ease. Sticking on fleece or woodchip wallpaper or on plaster and structure is just as easy as on tiles, cupboards or concrete.

Each wall sticker gives the rooms an individual touch and a personal touch.

For a freshly painted wall, which provides an optimal background, care should be taken to ensure that the paint has cured for 10 days as the wall tattoos may peel off again. A simple test will also help you to find out if the new achievement will hold later. Stick a Tesafilm strip on the desired surface and wait to see if it sticks. Some manufacturers also provide the customer with a sample, with which you can test the condition of the substrate or provides a free attachment help with the same. If the wall has withstood the check and the desired motive is found, the attaching phase is now carried out.

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  • Removal of the cover paper

The cover paper protects the wall sticker from damage during transportation and prevents wrinkles and air bubbles. If these are still present, you use a so-called squeegee to smooth the surfaces again. Subsequently, the cover paper can be deducted from the stocker. The squeegee will later be used again when attaching the foil to the wall. Due to its texture and shape, this is the ideal tool to perfectly shape the wall tattoo.

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  • Gluing the wall tattoo

Ideally, you start gluing from the inside out. Here you solve a 10 to 15 cm wide strip on the edge of the sticker (depending on size, first the top) and strokes the sheer foil to the wall. This helps to avoid the formation of blisters and wrinkles. As an aid, the squeegee should now be used again. If necessary, you can also readjust a little. Next, the tattoo from the inside out by gently brushing on the wall until the project has taken its place as desired. Subsequently, the carrier film can be removed. If any bumps are formed or if the film comes off the wall, repaint it with a squeegee.

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Variety of design options

Whether as an artistic claim, as a small literary masterpiece or as a floral pattern and ornaments – the variety of design options is almost inexhaustible. The small works of art bring that certain something into the house.

A cheerful motif in the hallway is trend-setting, welcomes the guests and testifies to the individual taste of the residents. In this atmosphere you just have to feel good.

A wall tattoo in the kitchen quickly provides the right ambience. This room has long since not only been there for cooking, here you can meet your family and good friends for a chat. A perfectly staged wall decoration helps to linger a bit longer in this place.

Even youth rooms, offices and living rooms can be transformed in this way into a unique living environment. And if you do not really like the slides off the peg, you can actively participate in the production of your own ideas.

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