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Wall decoration Ideas and tricks that improve our attitude to work

When we deal with the decoration of our four walls, the aesthetics aspect is usually in the foreground. It is also possible, with the help of matching furnishings, to improve the efficiency in terms of school, university and work. But what should be considered in this project in order to put it into practice successfully and as effortlessly as possible?

wall decoration ideas efficiency calendar

Your own goals in mind

It has long been known how useful the information in a calendar can be to always have one’s own goals in mind. However, many people find it difficult to keep reminding themselves to look at the calendar. For this reason, it is more effective to bring your own goals directly into view with the help of a magnetic board.

So it is unconsciously possible in everyday life to take a look at it again and in this way to make more constructive decisions.

A magnetic board itself can be purchased in different colors and designs. This makes it possible to not only make the product part of your own productivity. Furthermore, there is the possibility to incorporate it in the context of aesthetic design. Suitable magnets for example this reputable provider ,

wall decoration ideas efficiency home office

Linking work cognitively

How important the mental linking of individual areas of the space with the activities carried out in it, has long been published in the media. The well-known example, which is very often introduced in this context, is the bed, which immediately becomes the place of television and working with the laptop. But in this way the cognitive connection of the piece of furniture with the night’s sleep gets worse over time, the quality of sleep suffers.

wall decoration ideas efficiency workplace

This effect can now also be used in a positive direction for one’s own goals. For that will be the everyday work linked directly to a specific location in the room. In this way, it is possible, for example, to focus the desk on certain mental tasks. Over time, this provides an opportunity to gain concentration immediately as the location in question is visited. Therein lies the essential surplus value, as everyone can secure himself in his own sense without any major problems.

It is also possible to use another corner of the room in a creative sense. Anyone who reserves a permanent place there, which is solely linked to dealing with strong mental effort, secures a substantial mental relief in this way.

wall decoration ideas efficiency home office

Arouse the appropriate emotions

When we get to work, so do ours Goals and intentions In any case, an important role, whether it is health or economic success. Once we have lost our motivation, it is in many cases responsible for the fact that we can no longer remember these intentions. In this case, it helps to provide the room with appropriate clues that bring the focus back to the original destination. For example, these can be individual photos that are very closely linked to the goal to be achieved. It is also possible to tune in with the help of quotes and thereby pave the way to motivation. Often it is already the small and unconscious contacts in everyday life with the matter, which offer the chance of a considerable improvement that can not be dismissed out of hand.

wall decoration ideas efficiency nursery

Ultimately, the theme of motivation in our decoration so a permanent place. Because with her, the opportunity is linked to direct everyday life directly to the achievement of the goal and to benefit in this way sustainable. In any case, it is worthwhile to recognize the opportunities that can be associated with productive decoration even in a personal case.

wall decoration ideas efficiency nursery

wall decoration ideas efficiency


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