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Wall design corridor – bright tones visually enlarge the hallway

bring color with colorful clothes hooks

Wall design corridor – bright colors

Most of the hall is neglected in the renovation or design of the apartment. Many people think that you can not make much out of it. First choose a wall paint – bunr or white or even better, take wallpaper. But a combination of all can turn out to be very interesting and appropriate and will delight your guests even more.

Here are some wall design hallway ideas that you can inspire.

Great design for the hallway

corridor design idea

If your hallway is small and cramped, then a light wall paint is wonderful, such as milk-cocoa or mocha color. The flooring, whether laminated or tiled, should be one or two shades darker.

Mocha color

optical magnification with mirror


Another trick for the visual enlargement of the corridor is to paint the side walls in a light, warm or fresh wall paint and the wall at the end of the corridor in a slightly darker color. The ceiling should then be white. Avoid the bright colors, they make the room even smaller.

The pastel shades in light tones also add visual enhancement to your hallway.

Now some examples in pictures …

The light also plays a role

darker flooring hallway

Add more color to the hallway with a light pastel color

bring color to a wall

Yellow walls with white ceiling

yellow wall design in the corridor

Wooden door for the corridor

hallway with laminate floor

Striped wallpaper pattern

striped wallpaper corridor

Red door

bright color for the door

Light blue wall color

light blue wall paint corridor

Wall design with pictures

wall design with pictures

Gray is in

bright wall paint corridor

Optical magnification through the mirror

pastel colors wall design corridor

Classic in black and white

Black white wall design hallway

Interesting hallway design

wall design corridor colors

Gray is trend color

wall design corridor color combination

Bright wall colors and wood deco

wall design corridor wooden decoration

Dark laminate floor

wall design corridor idea

White stone wall

wall design corridor stone wall

All walls in white

Wall design corridor in white

Light blue with dark brown laminate floor

wall design corridor wenge laminate floor

The black stripes are used for optical magnification

Wall design corridor with stripes

Flowery wallpaper

Wall design corridor with wallpaper

Darker plus-runner

wall design ideas corridor

Colorful tiles

Wall design corridor white walls


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