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Wall design Ideas that give the walls a real life

Wall design ideas – optical illusion or perfect wall design

Take a look at these wall designs and take on the walls of your home in a whole new way! So realistic you have never imagined this before! Plants grow out of the walls and animals come alive …! It’s about the art of Petrescu Silviu.

Wall design ideas – Inspirational 3D wall design

wall design ideas Petrescu Silviu wall decoration 3D wall design

Nobody can remain indifferent to this wall art. Surely you have heard of the 3D wall design and admired it several times. Bringing a real life to walls seems almost impossible at first glance … But it does! With the right technique and with enough imagination. Petrescu Silviu proves it by his works of art on walls.

Through his art, the painter tries to bring an unusual beauty into the home and revive it in a unique way … And if you feel comfortable between his four walls, you enjoy life to the fullest.

Wall design ideas by Petrescu Silviu

wall design ideas Petrescu Silviu 3D eagle

Petrescu Silviu likes to study painting from an early age. He remembers that he was obsessed with not crossing the contours of his drawings and choosing the right shade of color. Until the fifth grade, he works out his own ideas. Neither he nor his parents took his job seriously. They all thought he liked painting more than the other children. Later, however, he began to depict tiny drawings of all kinds on stickers and cards and to record heroes from cartoons and comic books. Three years later, he chose the comic book style and began to develop his own ideas.

Something mystical, but spectacular

wall design ideas Petrescu Silviu camel pyramids

3D camels captivate the eye

wall design ideas Petrescu Silviu camel animals breathe life

After elementary school, he went to the only high school for art in his hometown. He was glad that he was surrounded by other children who were also interested in art. There he found everything great: all projects, all topics, all ideas … His own style developed. The volume, details, perspectives and balance of colors aroused his interest in painting even more. But something bothered him. Every time he finished a project, he had the same feeling that the main idea was somehow lost. And so he made the decision to give his ideas freedom. He made it possible for walls in our world to unfold, breaking the barriers to communication through an extraordinary 3D wall design. From then on, his head is full of ideas …

A cool optical illusion makes the wall a real eye-catcher

wall design ideas Petrescu Silviu fancy wall design

3D wall art with plants

wall design ideas 3d art Petrescu Silviu

Did you take a closer look at the art of Petrescu Silviu? Through his art, he tries to bring nature closer to people and to remind them to constantly evolve. Hopefully you have collected inspiration for your own wall design!

Proud eagle

wall design ideas Petrescu Silviu wall design eagle

An impressive masterpiece

wall design ideas Petrescu Silviu eagle wall decoration 3D

3D wall design with Japanese theme

Wall design ideas Petrescu Silviu Japanese theme

Almost unbelievable, yes?

Wall design ideas Petrescu Silviu Japanese 3D

How these works of art actually arise …

wall design ideas Petrescu Silviu 3D wall design

Creative and inspirational wall design

wall design ideas plant life breathe Petrescu Silviu


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