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Wall design with geometric shapes and colorful colors!

Every year, the time comes for new wall design, for new colors and eye-catching shapes. The following idea symbolizes the great versatility of creative wall design and differs much from the traditional ones. One reason is that more and more people prefer atypical, original, and creative design. The following idea offers a great deal of individuality. You choose according to your own taste the number of lines, the basic colors, and geometric shapes. These three points form a unique result that quickly becomes an eye-catcher in the room. In this article, you will find information for the correct procedure and a simple guide, as well as other interesting ideas. Stay tuned!

The main idea of ​​the DIY project is to provide easy guidance for many homeowners. It’s about a geometric pattern that turns into a unique wall design using two or more wall colors and tape. You can choose according to your taste as many figures and colors as possible, the main thing – you have fun! So each family member can choose any color and make a zone on the wall itself. The individual gaps are carefully filled with cool wall paints. The best moment of the project is when you peel off the tape and see the unique look for the first time.

This is how your living room could look like!

comfortable wall paint

That is how it goes!

Before you start the project, you can invite friends or family members to the project. So you will surely have more fun!

First, the wall must be cleaned carefully. Very often, many dust particles remain invisible, which could damage the wall paint. As a protection for your floor design, you can use an old sheet.

This will prevent any small drops of wall paint from falling to the floor, which is then very difficult to wipe off. You can design the geometric shapes yourself. According to statistics, very often triangles are formed to create a cool effect. Design as many figures as possible.

With the aid of adhesive tape, you can design the white lines that are between the different colors. Position the tape in a straight line, whether diagonal or vertical. It is important that when pulling off a creative form. The white lines make the geometric figures appear eye-catching from a distance.

After you’ve already positioned the white lines, you can start applying the wall colors. Choose one main color, which is dominant over the others. Only then can you apply three or more colors to fill in the small geometric shapes. Carefully choose different color combinations that are right for your room.

The creative highlight in the room

Individuality and design

Which colors are considered trendy?

Since we are dealing with several color combinations, we would like to introduce the individual trends. This wall design is created from several colors. This could also have negative consequences if the colors are not well selected.

Yellow, blue, and Pink are among the most popular variants for wall design. These nuances are a design highlight in every room. Combine the optimal and choose the blue wall color as dominating. Light and dark blue are considered a color mix, which becomes a trend with a high proportion of white.

Have you always dreamed of creative and multicolored wall decorations? If so, our editors can definitely help you. As a perfect inspiration, we have put together a well-selected picture gallery. Below you will find the best ideas of color combinations and geometric shapes. Have fun browsing the editorial office!

A cool color combination of many colors

several color combinations


Red and gray is a unique color combination!

Light and dark blue wall design

Which is the best color for the living room? Or do you have several?

Color combinations in gray

Uniform wall design with white lines is also a solution!

geometric shapes

Dark color palettes are luxurious

white lines wall decoration

Use colorful colors in the entrance area!

geometric figures in the hallway

Carefully design a perfect wall design!

Wall decoration in green

Dress the wall with a cool design

1 (2)

Warm colors that guarantee a good mood!

1 (3)

White lines provide the elegant look

1 (4)

Hexagonal shapes are trendy again today

1 (5)

Choose a color mix for your bedroom

1 (6)

Colorful and geometric shapes provide more dynamism

1 (7)

New concepts for eye-catching wall design are presented worldwide in the designer world

1 (8)

The perfect wall design for design lovers

1 (9)

More dynamics in the bedroom


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