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Wall design with wallpapers – funny and original wallpaper pattern ideas

Wall design with wallpaper city map

Wall design with wallpaper – 20 gorgeous wall decoration examples

The wall decoration in the form of wallpaper has made a big comeback in recent years. It is actually a design phenomenon dating back to the 50s and 80s of the last century.

This tendency was totally uncool, but now it’s back in!

Do you remember the unwritten rule that every fashion comes back someday? In our case this seems to be exactly the case.

You have to do with a great change. That would be about the imitated effects and the graphic patterns. The variety of colors is also not to be overlooked.

Dressing the walls with wallpaper is back in fashion

wall design with wallpaper brick wall pattern

Accent wall by decoration

This is definitely a trend that is popular with many people. Taste plays a big role here. It can be either a specific color or wall wallpaper in a popular shade.

Do you want ideas for Happy Design through wall decoration at home? Here we have 20 such! I wish you lots of fun looking at and drawing ideas!

Brick wall for attic

That would be a perfect solution for a stylish living room. It represents imitated brick. One immediately reaches the “roof floor effect”.

Wall-paper with tropical motives

Pixersize is one of the qualitative manufacturers of wallpapers throughout Europe. You have a very wide design choice in the wall decoration. Here you can see one of the newest and most modern examples. Would you use something like that in the living room?

Do you dream of eternal summer, too?

wall design with wallpaper palms illustration

Wall decoration representing wood waste

Piet Hein Eek is the name of the designer of this wallcovering and you recognize the style immediately that it is a Dane, right? Ensuring harmony in the house through this wonderful imitation of rough, natural materials such as wooden sticks, concrete, brick and much more. Many wooden sticks have been used here to achieve an airy, Scandinavian look.

Motives in a rustic style wall design with wallpaper wood effect board

Backgammon wall wallpaper

This is a work of the design duo Mini Moderns. This is a choice for the really brave house owners. How about an accent wall with this kind of wall wallpaper? I see this solution as a living background to my furniture.

The pattern from the dice board game

wall design with wallpapers geometric pattern blue

Wild wall wallpaper gray / Storm Green

“Into the wilderness” calls itself this wonderful wall decorations the British design brand Hibou Home. The blue and gray paintings wonderfully interpret the wild and the evergreen. The figures of bears and foxes have also been integrated here.

This wallpaper pattern fits perfectly in the nursery

wall design with wallpaper animals trees pattern

Multicolored wall wallpaper

Do you like these at the same time bold and very life and colorful wall decoration? The idea was made by British designer Sian Elin designed. I imagine this wall wallpaper at the end of a dark corridor wonderful.

Colorful geometric pattern for a moody atmosphere

wall design with wallpaper colorful pattern

“Tree for Life” wallpaper

Are you looking for an alternative to the Christmas tree? Maybe they have found one now! How about a tree on a wall wallpaper.

Parisian horizontal picture

Are you in love with the romantic atmosphere of Paris? You can enjoy a part of their mind every day at home. In this case, one has opted for a historical folder, which represents a gorgeous and exciting background for each apartment.

Nippon wall decoration in turquoise

mimou is a Swedish design company. There is a large selection of wallpapers. This turquoise Nippon pattern has a strong retrovibration and is a wonderful example of accent wall.

Wall-paper with colored pattern

wall design with wallpapers turquoise nippon pattern

Paintable non-woven wallpaper

That would be a wonderful choice for all people who love the clean and clear interior design. This example of the company Braham & Brown is a good option. You can paint over them and the wallpaper is ideal for a simple hallway.

Subtle stripe pattern that can be painted over

wall design with wallpapers non-woven wallpaper stripes

Wall decoration with leaves

All who like flowers will enjoy this wall decoration here. If you spread them all over the wall, you can get a wonderful, feminine look.

Women like tender floral patterns

wall design with wallpaper floral pattern

Wall decoration with forest view

This is a very famous birch wood design from Cole & Son , You will find it especially in many Scandinavian interiors.

Take a walk in the woods

wall design with wallpaper forest illustration black white

Cole & Son Fornasetti Riflesso wall decor

No doubt: Here we are dealing with a fantastic work of art! It has shown a great focus on the details. It feels like being in front of a museum wall. You will experience a beautiful old town with all its ornamented details.

Marble wall decoration

Currently, marble is back in fashion! The Danish society Ferm Living recreates their shapes and creates a marble wall with a subtle look.

Wallpaper with Marble pattern

wall design with wallpaper marble pattern

Gran wall decoration

Now you can look at the work of the Swedish design company Fine Little Day. In the past, these objects were known as colored patterns, but today they can create a great visual impression.

Black Graphic Fir Tree All Over Pattern

wall design with wallpaper fir tree all over pattern black white

Chevron wall decoration by the company Stencil

This is a solution for the DIY fans, who like to make their own wall creation out of Chevronmstern.

Chevron pattern in light gray

wall design with wallpaper chevron pattern gray white

Vintage wallpaper with evergreen branches

This kind of wall decoration carries the spirit of the 40s and is wonderful for your home office.

Vintage wall wallpaper wall design with wallpapers vintage evergreen

Aimee Wilder Loveclouds Prep Designer Wall Decoration

Here’s another wonderful idea for your kids room. The wallpaper is cool and beautiful and you can buy it in other colors.

Clouds and Hearts All Over Pattern

wall design with wallpaper clouds heart pattern

Wall wallpaper with a flamingo dance

This wallpaper was digitally expressed and made from environmentally friendly materials. Another place where I can imagine it is the bathroom.

Nice colors and nice pattern

wall decoration with wallpaper pink flamingo pattern

Dotted wall decoration

This is an option that fits perfectly with rented apartments. It is simple and universal and can be easily removed. It creates a pleasant and neutral atmosphere.

Polka dot pattern in retro style
wall design with wallpaper dots pattern


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