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Wall Flower Pot – that’s what the 4 Top Models for 2018 look like!

If the garden is already covered with many beautiful plants, then many people are considering creative alternatives that provide for an optimal and space-saving design. Better to say, the time has come to think vertically. Fastened pots and vases on the wall play an important role in the interior and exterior design and the stylish designs transform your plants into a beautiful wall art. How do you imagine a modern wall flowerpot? No idea? Then read on, because in this article, our editors would like to look at the best four plant pots that are currently arousing great interest in the designer world.

The best plant pots for the year 2018

plant pot angular wall flower pot

Geometric shapes feature the modern wall flowerpot

Straight lines and geometric shapes seem to be a popular design element for any wall design. The polygonal shape is an elegant addition to the wall and the fresh colors are very cheerful. The wall flower pot is designed so that a stable construction is created thanks to a string.

This ensures a perfect position of your plants, which form a beautiful vertical look. The angular shapes are also offered as diamonds for those who are looking for a creative look.

The polygonal shape complements the entire wall design

wall flowerpot polygonal shape

Concrete look – Trendy also in 2018

Design elements made of concrete are definitely among the trends in 2018. Flower pots with different shapes are very positive for any wall design. The concrete flowerpots have an advantage compared to the other three ideas: the shape could be designed individually to your taste. As you already know from ours DIY articles As you know, crafting with concrete is a very light and simple technique, which provides outstanding design elements. The flowerpots can be beautifully combined with the white and gray wall design. The look becomes even better when the bright green plants are blooming. The color scheme of gray, green and white ensures a minimalist look. It is important that you choose an interesting and creative shape that fits the overall look perfectly.

The more creative the shape, the more attractive the appearance

Space saving design of wall flower pot


Handmade flower pots made of porcelain

The following interior design idea is more for indoor use, but using it in your outdoor kitchen or in the carport would be a smart alternative. Porcelain pots convince with the simplicity of the design. The shapes are designed so that the neutral color can be combined with numerous wall decorations. The following picture shows a plant pot made of matt porcelain and leather. These materials are very carefully handcrafted and guarantee optimum longevity, even outdoors. The wall flowerpot is in three parts and attached to the wall with leather. The individual elements are also provided with leather mounts.

wall flowerpot matt porcelain

Wall flowerpot with golden glow

More and more people prefer the extravagant decorative elements that can be seen from afar. The gold look has always been a modern trend. Nowadays the interest in objects and decorative articles with golden shine increases. Although this wall flower pot is the last of the 4 top models, its beautiful appearance transforms it into an absolute design highlight. Whether in the interior or exterior, the flowerpot in gold is an eye-catcher. For that reason you should choose your positioning very carefully. Experts recommend a strategic location such as in the outdoor kitchen. To achieve a shiny and mirrored effect using the natural lighting design.

Make fairytale wall design yourself

wall flowerpot golden optics

The four decorative elements are very different, but the right shape can be found for every taste. Find out more details in our picture gallery!

Choose a trendy wall decoration such as the polygonal shapes

wall flower pot

Properly position the beautiful concrete look

Gold optic wall flower pot

Copper and concrete are determined as a perfect combination

Ideas wall flowerpot gold optic

Modern color and elegant shape in one

Matt porcelain wall flower pot

Vertical decor with the best ideas

polygonal shape of wall flowerpot

Adjust uniform positioning yourself

wall exterior design

Beautiful and handmade deco ideas made of porcelain

wall flower pot exterior design

Enhance your wall design with the matching wall flowerpot positively

wall flowerpot concrete look

Choose a creative form of concrete

wall flowerpot concrete

Matt porcelain is one of the most popular materials

Wall flowerpot design with matt porcelain

Wall flowerpot – shape as a diamond

wall flowerpot diamond

An additional construction in matt black would be an alternative for attachment

wall flowerpot angular shape

Visual accents in gold arouse the interest

wall flowerpot gold effect

Shiny gold look is the eye-catcher in the room

wall flowerpot gold optic

Straight lines and sharp edges give the room a great design

wall flowerpot polygonal shape ideas

Create a creative look with several plant pots

wall flowerpot optics

A porcelain wall pot is considered an addition to the wall design indoors and outdoors

wall flower pot optimal and space saving design

The concrete look gives every wall design a stylish look!

wall flower pot plant pot angular

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