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Wall murals – a trend in interior design for 2020!

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Trendy wallpapers for 2018!

Every new year offers a good opportunity for a new beginning or a change. If you are not ready to change your hairstyle or stop smoking, home remodeling is a great idea. This will energize you and make for a positive start to the new year.

Start the change by clicking wall Murals which are among the most popular fashion trends in interior design. We offer some advice on what to look out for when choosing designs for 2020!

The materials

noble wallpaper wall design wall design

The expensive and beautiful materials continue to be a dominant trend in the interior. The textile wall coverings fully embody the idea for luxury, timeliness and personality of the house. Such wall Murals are popular as decoration for the bedroom and living room. The quest for naturalism is manifested by the use of natural materials such as bamboo and cork with Japanese and Chinese motifs.

Those of you who value the practical can opt for fiberglass wallpaper. Robust, high-tech and at the same time ecologically pure, this material is insatiable for equipping offices and industrial areas.

The classics among the wallpapers

patterned wallpaper wall design photo wallpaper home decorating ideas


The paper and vinyl wallpapers are definitely the trend of the season, but they are an integral part of the decoration and classics among the wallpapers. The vinyl wallpaper in marble or stone look are an ideal wall decoration for the hallway. The washable wall Murals made of vinyl are a fitting and helpful alternative for the kitchen and other problematic spaces.

The texture

bedroom wall design wall wallpaper wall design

Modern wallpaper in 2018 suggest the existence of a complex texture and imitation of natural materials and the use of natural motifs – stone, shells and wood. The marble-like texture comes out of the bathroom and goes into the living room. For the bedrooms, designers use velor and velvet.

The prints

wall design image wallpaper fancy wallpaper

It’s all about long journeys

wall decoration ideas picture wallpaper wall design

This year, the abstract designs are out of fashion. In their place come the plant motifs. Nature pictures and animals are especially popular. Everything about traveling is tempting – mountains, seabed and even geographic maps are in demand now. If you have decided to use them, choose models with optical effects.

The designers advise us to use wall murals as an accent. In this way you will highlight one of the room walls. The design of all walls with wallpaper is not advisable, because it loses the effect and the room looks overloaded.

The expensive and beautiful materials continue to be a dominant trend in the interior

fancy wallpaper pattern wallpaper wall design

Design your home office with unusual and interesting wallpapers

fancy wallpaper patterned wallpaper wall design

The paper and vinyl wallpaper are definitely the trend of the season

fancy wallpapers wall murals wall design

Wall Murals – Create a flowery mood in the bathroom

bathroom ideas wall mural wall design bathroom

The stone-look wallpapers are a trend for 2020

wall mural wall murals wallpaper

The textile wallpapers fully embody the idea of ​​luxury

fancy wallpaper deco living room wall design

Wall Murals – Bring nature home

wall murals wall design wall design ideas

Interesting wallpapers with floral motifs

fancy wallpaper wall design wall design

deco ideas living room wall design wall design

The photo wallpapers with cityscapes are also announced this year

photo wallpaper wall design pattern wallpaper image wallpaper

Wall murals illustrating various fabric patterns

fancy wallpaper patterned wallpaper wallpapers

The wallpaper with animal patterns introduce a holiday mood in the room

patterned wallpaper wall design picture tapestry wall wallpaper

Insert a part of your favorite city into the living room through photo wallpapers

wall murals wall design image wallpaper patterned wallpaper

A purple animal pattern for the youth room

wallpaper trends wall design wall wallpaper

Wall Murals – Sleeping in the middle of the forest

wall wallpaper trend pattern wallpaper wall design interior design ideas

This wallpaper color gives a certain mysticism

wall mural fancy wallpaper wall design

Flowery pattern wallpaper make for more romance in the bedroom

bedroom wall design wall murals patterned wallpaper

Make for an eternal summer feeling

photo wallpaper photo wallpaper image wallpaper fancy wallpaper

The marble pattern is a trendy trend

wallpaper wallpaper fancy wallpaper wallpapers

A wallpaper idea for the fans of the jungle

wallpapers murals wallpapers design ideas

Wall design idea for the bedroom with trendy wallpaper

wallpaper murals wall design fancy wallpapers

murals wallpaper wall murals wall design home decorating ideas

modern wallpaper wall design wall design

pattern wallpaper wall decoration ideas wall design

wallpapers stone look wall murals patterned wallpaper

wall decoration wall wallpaper pattern wallpaper wall design

wallpaper wallpaper fancy wallpapers

wall design home decor wall murals pattern wallpaper

wall design decorating wall wallpaper decoupage

kinderzimmer wanddeko wandtapeten wanddesign

wall design hallway wall decor wall wallpaper

wall design modern wallpaper wall design

wall design wall design bedroom wall wallpaper

fancy wallpaper patterned wallpaper wall decor

wall design wallpapers pattern wallpapers

wall design kitchen wall design wall wallpaper

wall design living room wallpaper ideas wall design

mural wallpaper pattern wallpaper wreath design dining room

wall murals wall design fashion trends pattern wallpapers

room decorate wall design pattern wallpaper

wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper stone optics fancy wallpaper

wallpaper wallpaper wallpapers unusual wallpaper

fancy wallpaper picture wallpaper wall wallpaper

fancy wallpapers wall design wall design

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