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Wall murals for an original and excellent staircase design

wallpapers pattern wallpaper staircase shape wallpaper pattern

Creative ideas for the staircase with wall-paper and other deco

The stairwells are key to interior design. However, they are sometimes underestimated or even forgotten when it comes to decoration. Sometimes it takes little effort to integrate these designs into the interior design.

Why do not you try to spice up the staircase with beautiful wallpapers?

A minimalist theme

pattern wallpaper wallpapers staircase beautiful wallpaper

Which style has the leading role in setting up your home? Is it perhaps minimalism? Make this clear at the staircase by monochrome but stylish wall murals.

Pieces of old wallpaper in a historic house

stairs design wallpapers pattern wallpaper staircase design


Are you lucky enough to live in a house with a lot of history? You appreciate it, but you also want a modernization? Do you want to reform the space, but also make a clear reference to the past? A number of historic houses have beautiful retro motifs. When you tear them off, you get parts of them and attach them to the front of the steps.

Attach wall tattoos to the stairs

beautiful wallpaper wallpapers staircase pattern wallpaper

You have already selected wall tattoos for your interior design, but there is also this one piece that you would like to bring in somewhere? Why not at the stairs? Yes, you need a bit more skill here. You have to cut the foil exactly and calculate everything so that you can distribute the parts evenly on the stairs. Then you have to spice up the stairs.

Mosaic imitations

wallpaper pattern pattern wallpaper wallpapers staircase

Some noble solutions, which are too expensive for us, are to be imitated with matching wall-paper. Purchase them in the appropriate quality and apply them carefully! Many people would not notice for a long time that they are wallpapers that imitate mosaics.

Extension of the interior theme of a room

furnishing ideas staircase wallpapers pattern wallpaper

The staircase can also be thematically linked to one or more rooms, to which it connects. This can also be done by including their themes with the help of wallpapers.

More light and shine in the room

deco ideas wallpapers staircase shape wallpaper pattern

Is the staircase too dark? Spread the effect of natural and artificial light by attaching mirror surfaces to the front of the stairwell. Even wallpapers with glittering effects would come into question here.

Tables to which you can write something

staircase design wallpapers decorate stairs

The blackboard concept for the wall decoration reached its greatest popularity in the kitchen. But it can also be applied in completely different places. Like in the stairwell too. This will certainly lighten the mood in any house.

Promote positive thinking

staircase wallpapers stairway design home interior design ideas

There are more and more wallpapers – concepts with positive slogans. Attach these to the steps of the staircase. You will never forget what your lifelong mottos are.

Depicting nature or cityscapes

interior design wallpapers stairs shape wallpaper pattern

Even a whole landscape, which can be seen in fragments on your staircase, is a great idea. It can come from nature or from your favorite city.

Invigorate the white-painted staircase with colorful murals in various patterns

pattern wallpaper staircase wallpapers beautiful wallpaper

Design the stairs with chevron pattern wallpaper in black and white

wallpapers wallpapers staircases decoration

Give the stairs a new look based on different wallpaper remnants

wallpapers stairs design wall murals deco ideas

stair design-wall wallpaper-staircase-design-wallpaper pattern

Why do not you decorate your staircase with favorite motifs from a wallpaper?

deco ideas pattern wallpaper stairs shape beautiful wallpaper

An exuberant and inexpensive idea for the transformation of the staircase

beautiful wallpaper wallpapers decorate stairs

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