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Wall Paint Ideas for the creation of your personal living atmosphere

wall paint ideas room colors wall design ideas

The right wall paint: A design language you can learn

What does the market not already offer? Practical means by which you can create a great color scheme for the wall. You have plasters, paints, wallpaper, sprays, photo wallpaper to choose from. If you are looking for a permanent solution, you should inform yourself about each individual option.

Then we have to check exactly what our very personal expectations are. In doing so, you should consider both – practical and aesthetic aspects.

Mehr zu Wandfarbe Ideen

wall paint white wall paint ideas room color

If you choose wall paints, you will now learn a bit more about their special features in our article. Why are there cheap and expensive materials? In order to achieve a beautiful solution in the long term and this looks beautiful, one would have to strive for a balance between the different ingredients. These are usually pigments, binders, thinners and fortified. The first would have to be the most, and thinners would be applied to less qualitative wall paint pallets to get more product. However, this does not have such a large cover power accordingly.

Eco or synthetic

wall design ideas room paints wall paint ideas living room

The eco-products are also experiencing a heyday in this area. But in our opinion you should not neglect the possibilities offered by synthetics. This is not necessarily harmful and unhealthy. In addition, you can still achieve many effects that are otherwise almost impossible. Important for your health is just that you stick to the rules of the experts while shopping and pay attention to warnings for toxins and allergy-causing component. Information must necessarily be on the packaging.

The preparation of the wall

wall design ideas room paints wall paint ideas

In order for the great nuances of the chosen wallpainting palette to look the way you would imagine, you would need to do some stuff for the preparation. First of all, it is important to have to cancel in a newly built or long existing home. In the first variant you have to expect much more moisture. Accordingly, you should choose a wall color that will not be damaged by these circumstances. In addition, in this case you would necessarily also underlay a primer of the painted layer.

Easy-care wall paint ideas

wall colors bedroom wall decoration ideas wall paint ideas

Nowadays, there are so many different easy-care wall paints on the market! Why do you have to settle for bad solutions? Yes, the Satan wall paints cost more, but they will not be refreshed that often. They are simply cleaned with a damp cloth and maybe a sponge.

Choose bright and fresh colors for the living room

wall paint ideas living room room colors wall colors

The red wall paint in the bedroom symbolizes the romance

wall colors bedroom wall paint ideas room colors

Do you also like this bright wall color idea for your living room?

wall colors room wall design ideas wall paint ideas

A color idea for those who want to create a bright living atmosphere

wall design ideas wall paint ideas room colors

Also paint the ceiling

wall design ideas wall paint ideas living room

Create a colorful atmosphere in your home office

room colors wall paint ideas wall design ideas

The white wall paint is a classic

room colors wall paint ideas wall paint white

A cream wall paint idea

wall design ideas wall colors ideas room colors

How do you like this colorful living room design?

wall design ideas wall paint ideas room colors

Combine two wall colors into an Ombre effect

room wall design ideas wall colors ideas


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