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Wall Paint Ideas that will surely captivate you at the sight

wall paint ideas color design wall wall design living room

Wall Paint Ideas that bring a lot of drama

Moody, captivating, dramatic, captivating! Are you looking for wall colors ideas, which should meet exactly these criteria? We can only support that. Above all, they are really modern at the moment.

Great stylists even joined it.

These include Maria Grossmann, Hans Blomquist and Lotta Agaton. Of these, however, come only a few of our examples today.

The dramatic ideas can also be found in the decoration. Today we only want to focus on the examples that serve as wall paint ideas.

Dramatic blue

wall paints wall paint ideas wall design ideas

Deep blue shades are great wall paint ideas, which are also becoming more popular. Especially the nuance between gray and petrol is very popular. Blue is considered a cold color. So it is all the more interesting that you can achieve a particularly emotional atmosphere with it.

For example, they create the ideal mood for reading and learning. It’s just fabulous when such wall paint ideas are combined with a great hearth.

They are also simply the perfect background for works of art and plants.

Moody shades of gray

color design kitchen wall paint ideas wall paints


What do you mean, you ask? Yes, the point is that some special nuances or textures in gray could make a really emotional and strange thing. But how do you find the corresponding variants? We would advise you to start with the natural objects. For example, there are beautiful gray pearls or dull variations of gray-black. Also on the market are designer blends of pink, red and gold.

Whimsy green

wall paint green wall paint ideas wall design living room

Here’s the third fascinating and emotional wall paint idea for today. It is, in our opinion, the most disadvantaged. This is total nonsense. Because emerald and no other shade has been voted the color of the year this year.

Could it be that this green trend has something to do with the pursuit of intensive gardening and the deliberate integration of green spaces into the interior?

Combine the dark green wall paint with petrol-colored chairs for more drama

color design walls wall paint ideas wall design living room

The deep blue tones are becoming more and more popular

color scheme apartment wall paint ideas wall design

The light unfolds all the nuances of the dark wall color

color design ideas wall paint ideas wall design living room

The valuable paintings are even better emphasized by the dark wall paint

color design living room wall paint ideas wall design

The flowers are a great accent in this women’s bedroom

bedroom design wall paint ideas color design bedroom

Wall Paint Ideas – Decorate the dark blue wall with yellow and gold deco items

wall paint ideas wall grave wall design living room

A monochrome bedroom furniture in gray

wall paint gray wall paint ideas bedroom wall design

Wall Paint Ideas – the emerald green color creates a noble atmosphere

wall paint wall design kitchen wall paint ideas

A wall design idea for the attic

wall design flat color wall paint ideas

Put fresh flowers in the gloomy kitchen

wall paint ideas wall paint gray wall design ideas

Dramatic, moody and captivating – the wall color!

wall design living room wall paint ideas


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