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Wall paint with concrete look for an industrial look

Wall color concrete look industrial style

Accent walls can change the whole ambiance in the room

We on DecoSolutions love the wall design and wall paint with a concrete look. They have the traditional, antique look as if the walls were eternal. That reminds me of the Mediterranean style. All the incredible ruins are actually big stones, and this is usually associated with ancient buildings.

That’s why I like it – it’s durable and looks like an eyecatcher.

Boston and Cambridge’s architects have created the concrete look using environmentally friendly materials. Without cement, you have achieved an authentic, industrial look.

Wall paint with a concrete look

Wall paint dining table white acrylic concrete look white furnishing

The concrete look is trendy at present, especially in high-tech companies. Concrete is pressure-resistant and weather-resistant, which is why our ancestors needed it a lot in architecture. Uniquely, the cement has charm and coolness that is not typical of any building material.

Many people rely on an accent wall with a concrete look at home. Check out the many illustrated designs, and who knows, maybe you would also choose such a wall design?

Sofas and chairs go well with the concrete walls

Wall paint armchairs chairs concrete look textures

In the dressing room

Wall color ladies style Concrete look dressing room

Extensive bathroom

Wall paint-with-concrete look-bath-bad

Small, urban bedroom

Wall color bedroom small concrete look gray sofa

Colored lacquer – concrete look

Wall color elegant Concrete look wood finish

Thematic wallpapers

Wall color with concrete look cushion deco

Bright and tidy

Wall paint with concrete look rough design

Shining arc lamp

Wall color daylight Concrete look sofas gray

The elegant, dramatic look

Wall color color design gray concrete look floor lamp black

Furnishing ideas for the study

Wall color matching seating furniture concrete look chairs armchair

White, plastic chairs in contrast to the wall

Wall color with concrete look chairs white

In the stairwell

Wall paint with concrete look staircase

Before, afterward

Renovate wall paint with concrete look before

Simple and opulent

Wall color floor lamp light concrete look residential landscape

Colorful strokes

Wall paint colorful strokes concrete optic green deco

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