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Wall Tattoos – Some simple ideas on how to spice up your walls

Decorate the walls with wall tattoos

The possibilities for decoration with wall decals are manifold and sometimes they seem almost inexhaustible. This can sometimes be an advantage, but sometimes a disadvantage. This type of wall decoration offers so many possibilities that one sometimes feels lost. That’s why we thought that some very concrete ideas will not hurt you.

wall decals home decor wall decor horse wall decal

Instead of a headboard in the bedroom

Do you want a simple idea for the wall decoration behind the bed? Then decide on a wall tattoo. He can replace the headboard and other more expensive solutions temporarily or permanently. It is important that you measure the dimensions of the area above the bed exactly.

You should then take a wall tattoo that covers this area and aesthetically designed.

Wall Stickers Bedroom – Instead of a bed headboard you can put a wall tattoo on the wall

wall tattoos bed headboard cool wall design living ideas bedroom

Funny wall decal makes wonders in the nursery

wall decal nursery aliexpress childrens carpet white walls

You can make an area look very lifted

Would you like to make an ambiance look uplifted without having to fill it with too much furniture? It could be e.g. act around the small terrace where you can meet friends for dinner or coffee. For such cases, we recommend glaring solutions that are used to create a rather upscale accent wall. Suitable wall decorations were created on the basis of photographs in high resolution.

Set accents through the wall decoration

wall decal living room etsy fresh colored crass furniture

Such wall decoration would be so cute on the walls of the girl’s room

wall decals creative wall design wall deco ideas flowers

Decorate a glass or a mirror to attract attention

Mirror surfaces play an increasingly important role in interior design. That’s because we live in smaller and smaller areas. The mirror or the mirror surfaces have great decorative potential, which often is not enough exhausted. Take advantage of the possibilities of wall decals to make a real work of art.

Go for a 3D effect

Marble and other noble surfaces are highly valued, among other things, for their relief. However, you can also achieve this effect with simpler creative ideas. Take a look at the examples in our picture gallery and enjoy the wall decals that show exactly this effect.

Something extravagant, but original decorate the walls

wall tattoo living room amazon white corner sofa white walls

Panda Wandtattoo makes the mood in the nursery cheerful

wall decals panda cute nursery wall design ideas

Make the walls of your own home funny

wall decals funny wall design ideas deco ideas

Select the matching wall tattoo for the kitchen walls

wall decals aliexpress home decor kitchen wall spell

Quite suitable for interior design, right?

wall decals funny wall decoration ideas wall design kitchen

Bring joy to the nursery walls

wall decals colored wall design nursery living room wall decoration

Decorate the boy’s room

walltattoos boys room lego colored funny light blue wall paint

Wall decoration ideas for the girl’s room

wall decal nursery colored wall decoration carpet floor

Wall design ideas with stark accents

wall decal nursery colored funny wall deco ideas

Decorate the walls of your apartment

wall decals nursery walls fashion ideas animals

This wall design looks so romantic…

wall decal nursery wall design ideas funny girl room

A cozy bedroom frame

wall tattoo bedroom beautiful wall decor living ideas

Creative wall decoration for the bedroom walls

wall tattoo bedroom living room walls design

Thematic wall decoration

wall decals wall decoration wadgestaltung ideas color contrast

Decorate the bed headboard

wall decals nursery fancy wall design white furniture

Floral elements bring a fresh touch

wall decals ideas floral floral vase dresser

Fussbäller for the walls of the boy’s room

wall tattoos wall design ideas nursery room boys room footstool

Achieving a harmonious wall design

Wall decals white birds blue walls

World Wall Decal

wall decals home decor living room red throw pillow wall decor

Bring a nice message to the living room wall

wall decal living room ideas of the wall ideas

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