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Wall unit ideas. The wall unit – elegant and practical

modern residential walls living room interior

Living room ideas for your living room

Today our article is about the living room wall – a traditional interior element in the living room. We give you some Wall unit ideas completing your living room design.

Stylish wall unit in the living room

extremely modern residential walls attractive design

Wall-mounted design in white and red

innovative design of living walls


Wooden wall unit

the Wohnwand interior ideas that inspire you

A somewhat classic design of the wall unit

modern living room ideas many shelves

Discover the modern cosiness in your living room through a matching wall unit! And through a modern living wall, which combines not only a great design, many features. There you can present certain items, such as beautiful accessories; and others, who should not all see, are stuck in the drawers; Find space for the TV or other modern technology; or arrange books on the shelves.

The TV can be mounted on the sideboard or directly on the wall

modern residential walls with mirror surface

Impressive wall unit makes for an original living room furniture

living wall proposals innovative design

TV wall with shelves

great living wall ideas inspirational design

You can decorate your living room wall with great things

beautiful wall ideas for the living room

Maybe put art objects like pictures there

Living wall ideas for the living room

Wall unit with glass doors

Residential wall ideas great design

Particularly elegant wall unit in dark brown

Residential wall ideas modern inspirational design

Here you can keep books

Residential wall ideas interesting design

Simple wall unit

Residential wall ideas great interior additions

The modern living wall is a practical modular system consisting of individual elements. Mostly these showcases, Sideboard, Lowboard, Wandbord, storage space elements, Highboard. These come in different combinations. You have the freedom to mount the individual modules easily and easily convert if necessary. You decide! The LED lighting gives the living area more mood, why not a special style!

Great lighted wall!

Living room ideas living room tv

A great decorated wall

Residential wall ideas living room design

The wall is part of the whole room interior

Living wall ideas in minimalist style

Unusual design

modern residential walls living room interior

Stylish wall unit in white with brown elements and two hanging showcases

living wall ideas nice suggestions for the living room

Living wall with fresh design

Living wall ideas inspiration for the living room

What distinguishes the modern living walls are the free modules that are mounted on the wall; The large and heavy living walls are rarer to find, the modern design is much livelier and more inspiring.

White TV wall stands well on the gray background

Residential wall ideas design proposals

Living wall of few modules

modern residential walls place for the tv

Living wall with shiny surface

Living wall ideas chic and functional

You can hide the TV through sliding doors

furnishing of the living room wall ideas

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