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Wallpaper ideas for the design of the interior and exterior

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Wallpaper ideas for indoor and outdoor use

In recent years, the variety of wallpapers is getting richer. The recent furniture fairs have reinforced the feeling that the wallpaper does not relinquish its key position in the interior. But on the contrary! They conquer all areas – bathrooms, cellars, even go further to the outside areas.

Worth knowing about the wallpaper for the outdoor area

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The wallpapers for the exterior facades and even those that can be used outdoors are very resistant. They owe this property to their three-layered system. The first layer is a water-based adhesive. Then the main layer of fiberglass is glued on. This layer is made of very fine fevers, which are melted at a high temperature. This in turn ensures a higher impact, damp and crack capability. Interestingly, the reduced static electricity of the fever glass prevents the accumulation of dust. The last layer is a completely transparent acrylic protective layer. This makes the wallpaper more resistant to rain and UV rays.

Wallpaper ideas for the interior

wallpaper ideas bedroom wallpaper wall covering


Most indoor wallpapers can be cleaned with water and mild soap. The new models absorb moisture, are dirt-repellent and fire-resistant. In terms of patterns, it is difficult to talk about dominant tendencies. The selection is so large that it is almost impossible to review all the suggestions.

Always new collections come on the market

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It is noteworthy that more and more large architectural and design agencies create their own collections. Very effective are the wallpapers that imitate different surfaces. In most cases, the illusion is complete and the possibilities unlimited. A good example is this image introducing a wallpaper of the Tomasela factory. The model is called Tartatan and is made of paper and vinyl.

Wallpaper ideas according to the current trends

wall design ideas wallpaper ideas wallcovering

It is a return to the classic Baroque style to notice. The artistically interpreted graphic patterns are currently in fashion. Interesting and always up to date are the wallpapers that tell a story. These look more like a mural. The motifs do not repeat themselves and this creates an exuberant landscape.

We hope that we could say a good word about indoor and outdoor wallpapers. And because the selection is really huge, we have selected some sample images for you. Take a look at our wallpaper ideas and make your choice easier.

Create an exuberant “landscape” through wallpaper in your home

furnishing ideas wall design ideas wallpaper ideas

Here you are certainly spoiled for choice! The wallpaper offer is huge!

wallpapers ideas wallpaper patterns home decorating wall design

A colored and funny wallpaper idea

wallpaper ideas wallcovering ideas wallpaper pattern

The wallpapers in stone look are back in!

steinoptic wallpaper wallpapers ideas wall design ideas

Wallpaper ideas for your baroque decor

interior design wallpaper ideas wall design ideas

Design your exterior facade in an interesting way using wallpapers

wallpaper ideas wall covering facade design

wallpaper-ideas-wall tiling-ideas-establishment ideas

Would you design your hallway with wallpapers, like this one?

corridor furnish wallpaper ideas furnishing ideas

The wallpaper is a great way to spice up your decor

Living room wallpaper ideas Ideas wall decoration

A flowery wallpaper idea in Baroque style

wallcovering ideas wallpapers ideas home ideas


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