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Walls plastering – make the coating mixture itself

decor plaster plaster walls plaster creative wall design 3d waves

Mixture to walls Making plaster yourself has become easy now

Many people associate the term wall plaster with a complicated matter. But there is also the so-called decorative brushed plaster. Doing it yourself, so to equip the walls with it without professional help, is now very easy.

Plaster interior walls

plastering walls wall design ideas brushing

At the same time, we mean all types of simple mixtures to plaster walls that can be created with a variety of tools. You just have to look for modern plastering in the business.

Wall ideas in turquoise

brushing plaster coat plastering colored interior walls plastering

There is talk of coating, which is applied in a similar way to colors. It does not take hours to work with the throat and the smoother. For the new and more comfortable way of which today will be the speech, instead of a role.

Apply coating plaster

plaster walls plaster coating

With applicator roller, the mixture to plaster walls very easy to accomplish

Before the beginning you have to prime the wall as usual. The plaster itself is white, but you can choose to different shades. You can mix different nuances to achieve a whole new color.

With a roller the mixture apply

plaster walls interior design ideas roller brushing

Achieve different effects

wall design ideas interior walls plastering concrete look brushing

The mixing is easy. The colors are powdery and they are poured in the plaster and then best mixed in a special device. You have to do that for a few minutes so that there are no bumps. It would be very useful to pamper everything. Thus, the pigments that have deposited below are also mixed with the plaster. Then stir again.

When applying you should achieve a copious layer. Under no circumstances should you save on material. Once this Streichverputz for self-making is dry, it shows an extremely hard surface. The cleaning is then really easy.

Let the applied coating plaster dry

plastering interior walls ideas plastering

Therefore, you should prefer such solutions for premises where this is a particularly big advantage. For example, we mean the kitchen and the nursery.

What you need after smoothing is the structuring tools. These are the specially designed brushes and rollers. If you take these steps, you will get professional results!

That’s how easy the walls can be plastering! So should we list the benefits or are you absolutely clear?

Creative wall design

decor plaster plaster walls plaster 3d creative wall design

3D waves

decor plaster plaster walls plaster creative wall design

Achieving different effects – how can you do that?

interior walls plastering wall design ideas 3d effects brushing

Brush plaster with 3D structure

Decorative plaster wall

Vinyl roller with motifs

interior walls plaster wall design motifs plaster

Colored coating

plastering interior walls decorating brushes

Skillfully work with a spatula

interior walls plaster wall design ideas plaster coating brushing

Finished wall plaster with concrete look

interior walls plaster wall design ideas concrete look brushing

The ceiling also plaster

brushing plaster walls plastering plaster coating

Creative color effects

plastering walls plastering decor decorating plaster

Combined with antique furniture

plastering walls plastering decor decorating plaster rubbing plaster

Apply the desired wall paint

brushing plaster walls plastering plaster coat colored

Do not save on material!

brushing walls plastering wall decoration

Suggestions for a creative living room wall design

walls plaster decor plaster wall decoration ideas

Wall ideas in a rustic style

plastering walls rustic furnishings concrete look brushing

Renovate your old interior walls

walls plaster rustic decor concrete look brushing shabby shic style

With shimmering gold accents

plaster walls plaster coat decor decor coat

Shabby chic style

walls plaster brushing shabby shic style

3D floral motifs

decorate wall decor plaster wall decals ideas

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