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Wedding bouquet – choose the most important bridal accessory!

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Choose a wedding bouquet suitable for every season

One of the most important accessories for the bride is the Wedding Bouquet , It is a nice reason to be happy for you, but also for the ladies, who are waiting for a sign that they will be the next in line. Well, it definitely pays to make a little more effort and choose the wedding bouquet to match.

One can find a great deal of information about how to choose this in terms of the symbolism and the whole decor of the wedding. We have already published a number of such articles. But one aspect always seems to have been neglected.
It is about selecting the wedding bouquet in accordance with the season in which the celebration will take place.

Close to nature, close to luck

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In all aspects of design, this rule now seems to be crucial. One feels both the clothes, as well as the furnishing at home, that one is guilty of a small change of any season.

The reason is that this harmony with nature and its changes also leads to inner harmony and fulfillment. More and more people feel that this is no superstition.

The wedding is a day when you really want to be supported by all the forces of nature. You want to get a blessing for eternal happiness, right?

The connecting tendencies

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Let’s start with some tendencies that are seasonal. It is all about the decorative details that adorn the wedding bouquet. This can be colorful stripes, brooches, floral motifs made of metal or lace.

The garden is the most up to date theme. As far as the colors are concerned, the contrasts are now very fashionable. The Ombre effects are also very current. As with the wedding dresses, White is back now a bit. But the nuances have been chosen mostly in the soft pastel shades.

Your bouquet for the winter

winter wedding bouquet bridal bouquet examples baroque bouquets pictures

If you are looking for a wedding bouquet for the winter, then you need roses. However, the artificial variants are popular because you can play with them more with the colors. Think of pastel shades that match your dress. If you are in white, then pink would be great for the wedding bouquet.


bouquets pictures wedding bouquet bridal bouquet examples

Do you want to get married in spring? Then you will usually have many more flowers to choose from that will match your party. Peonies, lilac, Asian buttercup (Ranunculus asiaticus), for example, are absolutely in demand.

It would be quite fitting if you included delphinium hybridum, lavender or orchids. If you want to be a little more innocent, then integrate the delicate, girly garden flowers that grow in the garden this season.

The summer

summer wedding bouquet bouquets pictures wedding bouquet pictures

The summer has many advantages over the other seasons in terms of celebrating weddings. Add to that the large selection of flowers for the natural decoration and the wedding bouquet. If you list all the summer flowers, the choice would be endless.

The bouquet for the autumn

autumn wedding bouquet bridal bouquet examples wedding bouquet pictures

The colors typical of the season play a leading role here. Take these, which you would also choose for the decoration in this season. Especially beautiful are the grass and the great gifts of nature, which you can find during a walk in the park, right?

No matter what season you marry, the wedding bouquet must above all you like and emphasize your own individuality.

A round bridal bouquet with beautiful flower combination

bridal bouquet pictures wedding bouquet bridal bouquets pictures

Colorful bouquet for the autumn wedding

bouquets pictures wedding bouquet pictures wedding bouquet

A boisterous bridal bouquet, do not you think?

wedding ideas wedding bouquet pictures bridal bouquet examples wedding bouquet

The bridesmaid bouquets should also be of the same flowers

wedding ideas wedding bouquet bouquets pictures wedding bouquets

Yellow – white wedding bouquet idea

wedding bouquets floral examples of wedding ideas wedding bouquet

Make a noble choice by bridal bouquet of orchids

wedding bouquet pictures wedding ideas bridal bouquet examples wedding bouquet

Everything must match color!

wedding ideas wedding bouquets bridal bouquet examples wedding bouquet

How do you like this long bridal bouquet?

wedding bouquet pictures wedding bouquet wedding ideas bridal bouquet

Succulents as a bridal bouquet are trendy

wedding bouquets wedding ideas wedding bouquet bridal bouquet examples

Some dark flowers in the bridal bouquet look very interesting

wedding bouquets wedding bouquet pictures baruat bouquet examples wedding bouquet

Is this bouquet just right for you?

wedding bouquets bridal bouquet examples wedding bouquet pictures


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