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Wedding celebrations with gorgeous wedding dresses!

gorgeous wedding dresses wedding celebrations festive dress

Lace, boho chic and elegance at modern wedding celebrations

Did you notice how much the short dresses in the current collections for designer wedding dresses dominate? We do! Usually these models are meant for summer and spring. But not always. In recent collections, designers have made many exceptions.

Long wedding dress with sleeves and lace

festive wedding gowns beautiful wedding dresses designer wedding dresses

Now we have sleeves and long lace models. In their diversity they are also wonderful on many different female figures. So, if you diet before the wedding, it should not be too strict! In addition, these wonderful models could also be combined with elegant boots in winter.

Wedding celebrations go back to the 50s

wedding attire wedding celebrations beautiful wedding dresses designer wedding dress wedding celebrations


Glorious and super romantic long skirts were in great demand during this time. This is now included in the super popular vintage trends in wedding dresses. The whole thing is also combined with dark belts. Silk and fine fabrics are also used very widely.

Different textures and fabrics

short vintage wedding attire wedding celebrations dreamlike wedding dresses

At this point, it should also be mentioned that the designers tend to experiment with different textures and fabrics when realizing the vintage tendencies.

Pearls are back in!

pearls wedding celebrations beautiful wedding dresses gorgeous wedding dresses

When it comes to current wedding trends, you can not miss this topic. Yes, beads and their integration into the wedding dress models is now absolutely in. They fit particularly well on models in different stages. At the moment the rule applies – the more of it, the better. If the evenings in the region where you get married on the selected days are getting cool, consider an elegant top.

The temptation par excellence

festive wedding gowns gorgeous bridal gowns designer wedding dresses

Let’s talk a bit about the top and its role in modern wedding celebrations. It is the temptation and romance at the same time. You will definitely be so your feminine characteristics and charisma to advantage. The larger area they can take, the better. Do not forget that you need to feel comfortable.

The “pain thresholds” are in this regard in the different ladies (and their partners) in different places.

Boho style

boho designer wedding gowns wedding gowns beautiful wedding gowns

This is a trend that has been increasing greatly in strength at the wedding celebrations since the beginning of 2013. But it will still be up to date in this winter season. So, if choosing the wedding dress is still pending, consider it.

In these models, among other things, the selection of the nuance is very important. You should definitely consider ivory or eggshells. Cream, sky blue, sand and pink are also a very suitable choice. These usually look much nobler than white.

Choose the matching accessories

boho dreamy wedding dresses wedding attire wedding party ideas wedding celebrations

A strong accent in the wedding dress in boho style are the accessories dar. They must be striking and cool. But also stylish, of course. This is a difficult task, but it could be taken to heart.

In the context of the boho style, there are also various applications on the dresses. They could appear in the form of graphics, tattoos, prints, even paintings.

Feathers come back to the wedding celebrations

feathers beautiful wedding dresses wedding celebrations designer wedding dresses

Let us also address this somewhat extravagant solution. The beautiful, airy feathers are a great addition to the modern wedding dresses in boho style dar. The good thing is that with the current trends, they can be used virtually anywhere.

Short model with springs

dreamlike wedding dresses festive dress ideas for wedding celebrations

A fancy model from the latest trends for 2015

spring 2015 beautiful bridal gown wedding dresses bridal gowns

Lace gloves for the current wedding dress

beautiful wedding dresses 2015 gorgeous wedding gowns wedding celebrations

Would you wear this model here for your wedding?

designer wedding dresses festive dress wedding celebration ideas wedding celebrations

A long veil for princesses

wedding clothes beautiful wedding dresses designer wedding dresses wedding celebrations

A model for these ladies who like it untraditional

Ideas for wedding celebration dreamlike barutkleider festive dress wedding celebrations

A dark belt as an accent

ideas wedding party beautiful wedding dresses designer wedding dresses wedding celebrations

With this model you will charm all guests on your winter wedding

beautiful wedding dresses designer barutkleider ideas for wedding celebration wedding celebrations

A pearl jewelry for the back

wedding celebrations gorgeous wedding dresses ideas for wedding celebrations

Vintage look wedding dress with a funky lace

vintage beautiful barutkleider wedding celebrations festive dress ideas for wedding celebration

With this model, you can plan your wedding celebration for the winter

winter dresses beautiful wedding dresses designer wedding dresses festive dress wedding celebrations

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