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Wedding Decor Blue – the trend for 2021

Colors define the visual balance in our everyday life and ensure an individual design to every taste. Exactly the color selection plays an important role in the interior direction, for the stylish clothes and of course for an elegant wedding theme. Today, our editors want to introduce the color blue, which is a great nuance for any wedding. This idea is the best way to express feelings and to organize the event in style. A Blue Wedding Decoration creates an inviting environment that will please your guests as well. Blue as the main color for your wedding is a good choice because it brings many benefits. Many bright and dark shades can be discovered for every taste. Learn more interesting little things about the good combination of blue elements in the following points!

Create a unique atmosphere at the wedding through your blue wedding decor

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Wedding decoration blue – but which blues are the best?

Consider the color blue, but think about which color combinations fit best. Pale blue or turquoise Blue is one of the most popular options for any wedding decoration. You can also choose a “golden middle” between light and dark blue.

It is important that the color combination supplies freshness to the event. A popular selection is the royal blue combined with yellow or purple. Designers and many wedding organizers find this combination perfect and define it as a medium tone decoration. Blue could also be optimally combined with silver, but this mix makes for a luxurious appearance. So choose a main theme of the wedding, such as rustic, luxurious or minimalist. Only then choose an elegant combination!

An important point is that blue is the favorite color of many men. The shades will definitely please your partner. The great thing about using this wedding color is that it is also suitable for all guests. You can never be wrong with this color. This is because the guests love the blues and you will avoid any discussions about the dress code! Now you have the choice between numerous colors such as ocean blue, turquoise, or even navy blue. Learn in the next paragraph how you can use these elegant shades properly. Focus on a personalized wedding decoration Blue!

Choose a nice color combination for the wedding

wedding decor blue ideas

How to properly integrate the colors in the wedding decoration blue!

The wedding dress should be different from all other garments at a blue wedding. Choose light blue as the main color for the dress. Use blue tablecloths and place white plates on top. The reason for this is that white and blue form an extravagant look. The elegant table decoration also includes beautiful blue flowers and candles. It is important that you form a color balance between all decorative elements.

The addition of other colors is considered a must to avoid a monotonous and “too blue” wedding decoration. Take flowers in white or blue, and find neutral vases that stand on every table. Look for flowers that thrive in your area. So you can create a special bridal bouquet that has an important meaning behind it. The bridal bouquet should complement your dress perfectly, so concentrate well on the optimal design. It is worth it! Choose between different shades of blue or put on a uniform Nuance!

White or light blue chair covers are a good idea because they provide a cool design. Again and again, wedding organizers recommend symbolic colors. In this case, we recommend light blue. So you combine the wedding dress very elegant with the whole wedding decoration blue. Guests will recognize this combination from afar.

Blue wedding decoration: creative and stylish

individual design

Every wedding should be unforgettable and that is why the color blue is perfect for a festive decoration. Our ideas will give you the inspiration to create an unforgettable experience. Take a look at our picture gallery very sorrgältig and go into detail. The following comments will give you an addition to the theme Wedding Decor Blue!

Blue dress code is a trend nowadays

wedding decoration blue clothes

Blue shades provide an elegant appearance

Cake wedding decoration blue (nuance

Create a color balance

blue color palette

Personalize your wedding decor blue

Farkombination wedding decoration blue

Design a decoration that is suitable for all guests

wedding decoration blue (5) wedding decoration blue (6)

Put on a consistent nuance!

wedding decoration blue (7) wedding decoration blue (9)

Blue wedding decor is considered a popular design

wedding decoration blue (15)

wedding decoration blue (16)

Light blue shades are very inviting

wedding decoration blue (17) wedding decoration blue (18)

Wedding decoration as a sea experience? Yes, please!

wedding decoration blue (19)

wedding decoration blue (24)

Create an extravagant look

wedding decoration blue (25) wedding decoration blue color selection

Wedding dress in blue? It sounds great!

wedding decoration blue main color wedding decoration blue main theme

Combine the blue flowers with other cool colors

wedding decoration blue wedding theme

wedding decoration blue individual design

Create a perfect table decoration

Color selection wedding decoration blue

Unique wedding cake in baby blue

wedding decoration blue luxurious appearance

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