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Wedding Favors – 18 original ideas as souvenirs

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Great party favors for the wedding

Most wedding parties are based on a more or less traditional scenario. Part of it is the acceptance of gifts and donations. There should be some reciprocity in this regard. This means that the bride and groom should not only receive gifts, but also forgive them.

This is not obligatory for the wedding party. However, it leaves a wonderful impression. So you better plan it. In order to facilitate your project, we have some tips and ideas for you.

Favors wedding – customization

wedding favor party wedding favors

The first rule that you should keep in mind is that the gifts should be individually selected. The least thing is that the names of the bride and groom, as well as the date of their wedding are written on it. Inscriptions can be engraved on practically everything today.


ideas wedding favors wedding favors

It is thought that good education automatically means taking away the guests gifts from the wedding. However, since you drink quite a lot and have fun at the party, you could easily forget them if they are not really useful. Ask yourself before choosing the guest gifts for the wedding, whether you yourself could use such a gift at home as a decoration or something else. If the spontaneous and honest answer is “no,” then you should come up with something else. A typical negative example of gift that is quickly forgotten is the papyrus.

Stylishly selected gifts

ideas wedding party favors wedding wedding party favors

The gifts for the wedding also serve as a decoration for the party. You have to register well in style of the festival. Usually, such gifts are then taken home as a great memory.

Act individually

gift ideas original favors wedding ideas

Surely you have different guests. At least they are different ages and sexes. Even if it costs you more trouble, take your time and come up with different things. At least the kids should get other party favors for the wedding than the adults.

Organize a game with party presents at the party

wedding ideas original party favors wedding ideas

Would you like to experience a little more animation at your wedding party? The gifts could be the basis for a really amusing game. You can use it to organize a lottery or various competitions. After giving the presents, challenge the guests to exchange unfit gifts for each other. It’s going to be great for communicating with your guests. From the exchange of gifts you can actually make another great game.

Award of gifts

wedding party favors favors wedding wedding ideas

Gifts can be at the table or offered in a different way. How you deal with it is also a matter of your own creativity! We wish you imaginative ideas!

Wedding Favors – The succulents are an eternal reminder of the wedding ceremony

party favors wedding favors wedding favors

A DIY idea for wedding guest present

wedding ideas party favors wedding wedding party favors

A bride and groom take photo as a souvenir from the wedding

wedding favor wedding favors wedding favors

The key ring is a practical gift

party favors wedding make wedding party favors

Wedding Favors – A special bottle as a thank you

gift ideas wedding favors ideas

A great idea for the vintage wedding

wedding party favors favors wedding wedding ideas

Personalize the party favors with stickers

gift ideas wedding favors

A wedding keepsake that wishes good luck

wedding ideas wedding party favors favors wedding

Also think of a nice gift wrap

hospitality wedding ideas wedding ideas gift ideas

Wedding Favors – Say thank you in an original way

original party favors wedding party favor wedding ideas

A humorous and practical party favor

original party favors wedding ideas wedding party favors

An unusual wedding guest present

original wedding favors wedding ideas

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