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Wedding guest book as a souvenir of the celebration

wedding guest book wedding ideas guest book wedding frame

Keep the best memories of your wedding in a wedding guestbook

What brings the biggest and most beautiful celebration, if it is not remembered? It is always a pity when beautiful memories are forgotten. Especially on such an important day as the wedding you should really avoid that!

The design of a beautiful wedding diary is a good way to remember beautiful moments. Moreover, this is something that one talks about again and again, even if you get years later visit from far-flung friends and relatives.

How should a wedding diary actually be?

wedding guest book guest book wedding wedding ideas

On Wedding guestbook must be something very special in the first place. It has to have creative design and create positive feelings. In addition, the wedding diary should look very personal – after all, you can not call another day in your life such “pure” as your wedding day.

And do not forget your sense of humor! The best memories stay with us from the moments when you laughed with all your heart, right?

The guests help with keeping the wedding diary

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Guests do not always expect a wedding diary at the party. This means that not everyone at home has prepared a message. Most people are worried in such a situation that they write something in the diary, which does not correspond to the meaning of the festival. This triggers some shyness. Many would rather be boring than write something inappropriate.

Funny and original

wedding ideas wedding guest book wedding guestbook

But you want a fun and exciting wedding diary, right?

Then help your guests! To do this, you could come up with some great questions. It works in a similar way to the daily books in school.

For each guest or host family, for each couple or every table, there could be a separate page.

The guests are usually divided into different groups. Some belong to a family, others are from the former clicks etc. Give each a separate page in advance.

You can dedicate a page to some families and give their own space to some people. It is a funny variation if you assign your own page to a whole table in the diary. The joint preparation of the diary can help them find a common theme and have a better conversation.

Do not forget to leave space for great pictures!

Wedding Ideas Wedding Guest Book Gestebäuch Wedding Ideas

Give guests the opportunity to make something creative.

With some writing utensils you can give them the opportunity to draw something in the wedding guestbook. Some may have such talent. Let people express their good feelings for you in this way, just as it is easiest for them.

Look for alternatives

wedding ideas guestbook wedding ideas wedding guestbook

Are you celebrating a modern wedding? Maybe the traditional diary does not fit into your modern concepts? Then look for alternatives, such as a common electronic diary or an interesting designed and modern looking pin board!

As we said at the beginning: It is important that the beautiful memories are not lost!

A wedding guestbook in the form of a mural is a daily reminder of the wedding

Guest book wedding wedding guest book wedding ideas

An interesting and very original guestbook idea

wedding guestbook guestbook wedding frame

Creating a beautiful wedding diary is a great way to remember beautiful moments

Guestbook wedding design guestbook wedding ideas

The wedding guestbook must have creative design and positive emotions

wedding ideas wedding guestbook design

Write down wedding wishes on postcards

Guestbook wedding fashion wedding guestbook

Wedding Guest Book – A tree made of fingerprints

Guestbook wedding fashion wedding ideas

A wedding guestbook must be something very special in the first place

Guestbook wedding ideas wedding guestbook

Wedding Guest Book – Design something creative for your wedding

wedding ideas wedding guestbook guest book wedding ideas

Give guests the opportunity to make something creative

Guestbook wedding ideas wedding ideas guestbook wedding

Put the guestbook in a visible place

wedding guestbook, guestbook, wedding, ideas

Wedding Guest Book – Give each guest a personal wishlist

wedding guestbook ideas wedding ideas guest book wedding ideas

Wedding Guest Book – Make sure you have enough writing space

wedding ideas guest book wedding wedding guest book

wedding ideas wedding guestbook guest book wedding

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