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Wedding Planning: 10 steps for your unique style

You have already said yes at the engagement, but you still often feel butterflies in your stomach. The original euphoria of the beautiful engagement ring is already over and now comes your time Planning a wedding, You do not really know where and how to start, but you have a vague idea that you have to organize the festival without any hassles. Now you must not overpower the nervousness in any case. Take enough time to organize everything in peace! With our tips, you can do it great! Here we show you how to plan your wedding in 10 small steps in a unique style.

Planning a dream wedding is not a difficult task!

Planning a dream wedding is not a difficult task

1. To plan your wedding, get on with your time!

In the wedding organization, you have to have an exact plan in mind. You have about 6, 12, or 18 months to plan your wedding? Do not let anything get lost at the last minute! Now calm down! Also, 6 months is enough time to plan your wedding party.

The important thing is that you proceed step by step. The creation of lists can help you very well. You can have 2 types of lists – one with ideas, others with costs. When planning a wedding, organization is the most important task. In principle, you must make 2 important decisions – determine the style of the wedding and the duration of the celebration.

With the planning of the organization time, half of the work is done

Wedding Planning

2. Choose the place!

As mentioned above, a wedding would have to be planned and organized in a single style. Why not experience a wedding as in fairy tales? Do you want to get married in a romantic way and celebrate in a castle? Another option would be to have your say yes at the beach give. You can also travel abroad and apply for marriage abroad.

A romantic wedding on the beach

Getting married on the beach

Marry and celebrate in the countryside

Wedding in the countryside

Enjoy the sound of sea waves in the background

Wedding on the beach

Organize a charming celebration in the castle

Wedding in the castle

Marry in a foreign country

Wedding in a foreign country

3. Choose the bridal gown!

It fits very well if you have an upscale style in everything. This applies both to the selection of the place as well as the selection of the wedding dress. Although the wedding dress can also vary in style – romantic, sexy, elegant – everything is beautiful, if it is combined correctly.

Wedding dress in a romantic style

Wedding dress in a romantic style

Elegant wedding dress

Elegant wedding dress

Choose a lush style for the wedding

Lush wedding dress

4. What wedding decoration would best suit your celebration?

The way of wedding decoration is an important question. Maybe you feel a bit homesick for the past and want to go back to your roots – just like your grandmother did! Do not doubt and make, for example, the wedding decoration in the yard very romantic! If you’re a fashion-conscious person, then you might opt ​​for either minimalism or pomp and splendor. Everything depends on you!

Outdoor wedding – elegant style

Wedding decoration in pink elegant

Lush wedding decoration and a lot of glamor and glamor

Wedding decoration with many flowers

Select minimalism as a style

Wedding decoration in a minimalist style

Wedding decoration in a sweet, romantic style

Wedding decoration in pink

5. Memories are beautiful: take pictures!

If you are planning a wedding, you must also pay special attention to photography. Choose a good photographer in advance and think about the places you want to be the most photographed. This can be pictures of you as a couple, but also some landscape details. Unfold your imagination and make the most beautiful memories! They stay forever!

Outdoor wedding photography

Outdoor wedding photography

Photography promotes the imagination

Original wedding photography

6. Do not underestimate the financial side

At a wedding, you have to calculate the costs and the additional costs. Make a detailed bill so that you avoid unwanted surprises.

Expect money for the wedding

6. Buy wedding rings

wedding rings are a classic and eternal sign of loyalty. That’s why the right choice of rings is so important! As with wedding decorations and bridal gowns, there are different styles that you can lean heavily on. Below are the pictures you can look at our ideas:

Classic wedding rings

a classic variant for wedding rings

Elegant wedding ring

Elegant wedding ring

Wedding rings in a glamorous style

Wedding rings in a glamorous style

7. List of wedding guests

On a piece of paper or PC, write down all the friends and relatives you would like to invite to your wedding. Then remember who really has the opportunity to come. Do not forget, the witnesses are now the most important people for you!

Count your guests!

An example list of guests

8. Do you need a Wedding Planner?

Movie for a Wedding Planner

Do you remember the movie “Wedding Planner” starring American star Jennifer Lopez? If you already know the movie, you would now want a wedding planner. The advantage: choosing a wedding planner saves your time. The downside: if you’re a very enterprising and imaginative person, that decision can make you more stressed.

9. Determine the wedding day

If you have enough time, you can opt for a special appointment – e.g. 08.18.18. Do not forget to include the tender invitations!

Make your own decision for the wedding date

Determine the day for wedding

10. Make invitations and small gifts for the guests

They have already organized almost everything and now comes the time to think about wedding guests. Our extra tip: make your own small wedding gifts for your dear guests. These can be cupcakes, name cards, bottles of messages, pictures, or even small plants

Sweets for your wedding party

Kitchen for the wedding

Name card in vintage style

Name card in a vintage style

Tea bottles for your guests

Bottles with tea for your guests

A homemade box to thank

a box to thank the guests at the wedding

Plants as a hearty “Thank you”

Small plant to thank the guests of a wedding

The most important question when planning a wedding is the style. If you have done everything about your wedding organization yourself, you can be very proud of yourself and enjoy the festive mood of your wedding party!

We want to wish that from the heart!

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