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Wedding table decoration for a memorable wedding day full of sparkle

table decoration wedding table ideas

Luxurious wedding table decoration brings the rooms to shine

The Wedding table deco is one of our favorite topics. We have many ladies in the team and that’s why these ideas are always up to date. But today we really want to dream. It will not just be wedding table decoration.

Rather, we want to talk about luxurious wedding table decoration.

When designing weddings, a lot depends on the individual approach. That’s why DIY ideas are announced. But after all, everything must look luxurious and noble. So designers should be involved the best.

Luxurious DIY wedding table deco

wedding table decoration deco wedding

In this case, at the wedding table decoration genuine craftsmanship art has been used. Great lamps hang on it. They give the whole thing more meaning and increase its value. For all 4 people you have created a great central piece in the form of Baumast. The tablecloths, the crockery and cutlery, as well as the upholstery of the chairs have been made in silver. So you bring everything to shine.

Rural and luxurious

wedding table decoration wedding decoration
Do you want to marry somewhere romantic in the countryside, but still put on noble wedding table design? Here’s a great example. The tables are made of rough wood, but they show an original and masterful woodworking. The tablecloths are also original craftsmanship. Everything looks simple, but has a very high value.

Luxury in purple

wedding table deco table decoration

Purple is the link between this and the last example of wedding table design. Earlier, it was just accents. In this example everything is immersed in light and purple nuances. The great central pieces in the form of glasses spread the shine in a great way.

Silver and gold in the center of wedding table decoration

Wedding table decor wedding ideas

Do you want something really great and noble? Do you want to avoid compromises? Then put on precious metals. In our example above, silver dominates.

A golden ambience for your wedding

hochzetsideen table decoration ideas

Do we then want to conclude with an immersed in gold shades ambience, which has left us all speechless?

A boisterous tree in the middle of the table

tree decoration wedding ideas table decoration

White orchids and a mirrored table top create a luxurious wedding table decoration

flower decoration wedding table decoration wedding ideas

Wedding decoration in red and gold – do you like this idea?

Wedding Decorations Wedding Table Decorations Ideas

All noble colors merged into the wedding decoration

wedding decorations table decoration wedding ideas

The green orchids set the tone

green table decoration wedding table decoration ideas

Crystal glasses and silver cutlery

table decoration wedding ideas

Golden wedding atmosphere for a memorable wedding anniversary

wedding decoration table decoration ideas

The candlelight reflects and gives an additional romantic wedding atmosphere

wedding decoration table wedding decoration

An effective, bright table decoration

wedding decoration table table decoration

A hanging flower decoration over the table creates a dreamlike atmosphere

wedding decoration table wedding ideas

Flashy wedding decoration

wedding decoration table decoration ideas

Shining chandeliers for the outdoor wedding

wedding decoration table, table decoration ideas

Make sure you have enough flower decoration

wedding ideas table decoration ideas

Red roses, red glasses and green floral decoration combined

wedding ideas table decoration

How do you like the white wedding table decoration?

table decoration wedding table deco

Muted purple light and many candles complement the wedding atmosphere

wedding table ideas ideas wedding ideas table decoration

Fragrant lilac as table decoration

wedding table deco table decoration

The orchids symbolize purity and class

wedding table ideas ideas table decoration wedding ideas

Golden candlesticks and rose petals

wedding table decor ideas table decoration wedding ideas

Black-white wedding decoration with white feathers that exude an exotic feeling

wedding table deco table decoration ideas

Would you also decorate your wedding in this way

table decoration wedding decoration ideas

A luxurious wedding decoration with glass candlesticks and crystal glasses

table decoration wedding ideas

Outdoor wedding party with exuberant floral decoration

table decoration wedding decoration wedding ideas

The swans symbolize the love of the bride and groom

table decoration wedding ideas wedding decoration

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