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Wind protection terrace & balcony: smart and practical ideas

If you have your own terrace or balcony, you probably enjoy spending a lot of time there. But on terraces and balconies, it can sometimes be quite windy and drafty – you probably know the problem from experience. We have a solution for you – choose suitable wind protection! In this post, we will give you some clever and modern ideas for wind protection terraces & balconies that can help you. Have fun while reading!

Wind protection terrace & balcony – with green plants

Windschutz Terrasse Balkon Ziergräser

grüne Pflanzen Sichtschutz

Balkon viele Pflanzen grüne Oase

grüne Pflanzen Sichtschutz natürlich

Relaxing on the balcony or terrace, reading books or having breakfast with the family is particularly pleasant on sunny days. You need good wind protection so that the strong wind doesn’t rob you of this opportunity. There are numerous variants that you can choose – both artificial and natural. Let’s start with the green plants. Larger plants such as decorative trees and hedges not only provide privacy on the terrace or balcony, but also provide good protection from the wind. The climbing plants on trellises are also a great option, but they cannot survive in winter. When it comes to a windbreak patio, choose hardy plants. And if the plants are on the balcony, you can simply leave the tubs in the apartment for the winter.

Artificial wind protection – practical and modern ideas

Windschutz Terrasse Glastüren

Windschutz Terrasse Sitzecke Holz

Windschutz Terrasse Follienbehänge

Windschutz Terrasse Überdachung und Glasschiebetüren

Windschutz Terrasse Überdachung Glastüren modern

ausziehbare Seitenmarkise Stoff praktisch

bewegliche Markise aus Stoff

Seitenmarkise ausziehbar Sichtschutz

moderne Terrasse Glasgeländer Überdachung

Balkon Windschutz halbtransparent

Sitzecke Balkon Rattan Möbel

Balkon mit Stoff bespannen

Schiebefenster Glas durchsichtig Terrasse

mobile Markise orange Stoff Sichtschutz

Windschutz Terrasse Überdachung Glasfenster

Windschutz Terrasse Überdachung Roulladen

Windschutz Terrasse Plexiglas

Windschutz Terrasse transparent moderner Look

Windschutz Balkon Ideen und Anregungen

A great option for the balcony is the glass windbreak . You can choose between cloudy, milky and transparent glass. Covering the balcony railing with fabric is one of the most common types of wind protection that is also very effective. In addition, this is also particularly cheap compared to the other options. And the covering can be selected in colors and patterns according to your taste. It is very robust and easy to wash. Another good idea are the plastic privacy screens that can withstand the strong wind. Just like the windbreaker glass, they are better suited for the balcony than for the terrace.

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