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Window bench decoration with plants that create a small garden

window sill decorating window decorating window decoration ideas

Arrange garden at the windowsill

You want to have a great garden on the windowsill, but it seems too expensive? No, it is not! Wipe off the dust, clean windowsills from the inside immediately and we can start with this great internet project. Do you agree?

If possible, the sunniest windowsill interior you can choose for it.

Windowsill deco with plants

window decoration window sill decor window decoration ideas

If you have several rooms and windows, then you should choose among those for your garden those that are sunniest. That’s the way it usually is. Because to shade in a sunny spot, if this would be necessary for a plant species, would be much easier. At least it would be easier to compensate for the lack of light and heat from the sun in a dark place.

Flowerpot drainage

window decorate window decoration febsterbank deko

Let’s move on to the next step in creating your windowsill garden. Whether you use pots, boxes or special boxes, the same drainage rules apply. They would have to have holes on the ground to drain water.

Add the earth

window decorate decoration windowsill windowsill deko

To ¾ of the equipment would have to be filled with organic soil. Then sprinkle the seeds and dab your fingers on the ground.

Irrigate, but in no case let the plants drown …

window decor window sill decor window sill

You will probably have many small plants on the windowsill. If you are used to larger areas, then you may quickly pour over the floor. You should not let that happen. Review the guidelines for each species of plant you select and stick to it. If you do not do that, then your great windowsill garden will soon be spoiled, rather than truly lush.

Crop plants

Herbage window sill decor decoration window sill

You also have to stick to this action if you want the plants to grow in your windowsill garden. If you care for spices and medicinal plants, you should harvest regularly and keep the excess amount by freezing, drying or in the form of powder for longer periods.

Take care of the air

floral decoration window sill decor window decoration ideas

The gardens on windowsills sometimes have problems with ventilation. These must be reconsidered in advance. Think carefully about how and when you need to open the window. Maybe you put the flowerpots on a tray, which can be easily moved? In all cases, the quality of the air should be of the highest quality, so that you and the flowers are well.

As in the 80’s

decoration window sill window decor window sill decor

Now it’s about a special shape of the windowsill, which will bring us stylistically something back in time.

This is not a windowsill that looks inward. Rather, it is about its own glass housing, which has its own ceiling and only glass panels. The revival of traditions from the 80’s has apparently also brought us back this awesome decor.

For windowsill gardens of this kind you have other requirements. We will now discuss these.

A plant is sufficient too

window decorating window decoration ideas window sill decor

In the first place, many people believe that they can use too many plants here. But that does not look good aesthetically. In addition, you run the risk that all too many species together at one point will end up with far too little air.

If you place more than one flowerpot in such a specially secluded setting, the whole thing will look full and lush. But if you overdo it a bit, then you may get the opposite effect and everything seems too messy or unappealing. In these window sills we love the exhibition of a single great plant, which looks out to a lush, colorful, beautiful garden.

Select same flower pots as window sill decoration

window sill deco window decor window sill inside

In such arrangements, the same flowerpots were used in the 80s to create a uniform appearance. Or at least they should have the same characteristics. Think of the same shapes or materials. For example, if you use brown clay flower pots, then you could put in these different plants depending on their size or shape. You will still be able to bring together the uniform properties of the vessels in a wonderful way.

Do not neglect the view!

window decorative window sill deco window decor

The windowsill garden should by no means simply be there for you. Because why should you really want to entangle a beautiful view? Rather, you should take the opportunity to draw attention to them.

Windowsill plants and other decoration

decoration ideas window sill decor decoration window sill

These types of windowsill gardens have much more to do with shop windows than the others. Take the opportunity, if you wish, to create a great combination of lively and different decoration.

Place several plants on a wooden shelf

window decorating windowsill decorating window decor

Easy-care succulents in glass jars

windowsill interior windowsill decor decoration windowsill

A simple windowsill deco with seasonal flowers

window decor window decorate windowsill decor

How do you like this window decoration?

window decoration ideas window sill decor window decoration

An idea for the windowsill decoration from the outside

decoration windowsill window sill deco window decor


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