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Window curtains for attic rooms – 20 modern ideas

The attic rooms have a number of peculiarities. These can each be interpreted as advantages or disadvantages. Actually, it depends on if and how you can make the best out of it. The windows and their darkening are of fundamental importance also in the attic, if you want to use the rooms for living there.

By choosing window curtains, which is our topic in the following, you can control many things: you can make the window openings an accent in the room. Furthermore, they can contribute to the regulation of the room temperature, if they are selected for this purpose. Basically, when selecting the curtains for these premises, the general rules for the window curtains observed. However, there are some peculiarities to note. That’s why we decided to write a separate article on this topic.

In this bright room, these sheer, neutral-colored window curtains are the best choice

drapperien-in-white-and-gray-window curtains

Semi-transparent window curtains for a darker room

Many attic rooms are dark enough. The problem is rather that they do not get enough light. Nevertheless, in such cases, the window curtains are not superfluous. Because they give the room comfort and comfort. To darken they have a little contribution, but that would not be a priority in this case.

Because they are longer and convertible, you can use this with their help specific architectural element always present differently. Thus, the curtains help to transform the character of this room again and again. This certainly has a very positive influence on the well-being of the inhabitants.

In this white room, the curtain is an attractive accent

window curtains blue pink white

A colorful accent in the nursery

A children’s room must radiate calm and cleanliness, as well as appear bright and hygienic. Here is why choosing the white color for the wall design actually a very good idea. The same is true in the nursery in the example above. The window curtains play a very important role in this context because they relax the whole mood and ensure the so important addition of colors. For the comfort in the room, in the direct and figurative sense of the word, the textiles, from which the curtains are sewn, contribute.

These curtains are purposely so neutral that they do not spoil the seamless appearance

thick brown fabric window curtains

Darken the room without destroying the seamless appearance

At the same time, the first two examples of curtain curtains in roofing create a strong decorative accent. They contrast with the white wall design of the room. Without these curtains, they would appear sterile and boring. But in the third example, it was obvious that the design was seamless. That’s why the curtains are tailored to the size of the window. They perfectly fulfill their function of obscuring, without changing the modern appearance of the room.

These curtains emphasize the drama of the interior design as well as the exterior

window curtains gray fabric ideas

Window curtains for a smooth transition between inside and outside

A major concern of modern architecture is the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor. First, this trend has prevailed in large dream homes. Slowly, however, the owners of smaller apartments have found suitable ways to adapt these methods to smaller living spaces. An example of this is this small attic room. The window curtains not only emphasize the beautiful window shape but also present in a charming way the architectural features of the attic. With their colors and patterns, the curtains also correspond to the outside environment and thus, so to speak, to cancel the visual separation between the interior and exterior.

Window curtains that correspond perfectly with the exterior – a really great idea

window curtains green and purple

Give the attic the desired stylistic character

In the attic room you have little space and still makes you like a stylistic statement. The decoration logically plays a very important role in such circumstances. For example, the room above shows a rough character, which in itself seems quite neutral and could be attributed to different styles. However, the curtains have a bright purple color and rough texture like a decorative element that gives a modern interpretation of the Provence style. The curtains might as well lend this magical room a Scandinavian or vintage look.

The window curtain gives this room a rustic flair

window curtains hel gray fabrics

General Tips – The right length

Basically, one pulls at Derrick windows in attics, the decorative “stage appearance” before. This emphasizes the special character of the architecture and makes it seem charming and thus advantageous. However, one often decides on short curtains that simply seal the window and ensure comfort on very sunny days. This variant is very suitable for modern, seamless interior designs. The longer curtains can serve as a great wall decoration.

These fabulous window curtains also serve as a wall decoration

Window curtains in shades of pink and gray

Tie together the long curtains in the middle

If the window is under a sloping roof, which adjoins a straight wall area somewhere just above the ground, one decides to opt for a design as shown in the picture above. The curtains are attached to the sloping roof. As a result, the curtains are close to the wall and it forms a very interesting fold. This also acts as a wall decoration.

Again, the process emphasizes the rural appeal of the room

window curtains klassicshes flair

Colors and textures

Finally, let’s summarize what has been said about the colors and drapes: If you want to protect the private room or seal it against strong light, then you should opt for opaque curtains. But if you have little light and a limited view into the interior anyway, then the semi-sheer sheer curtains are enough.

Now you know the essential rules for the selection of window curtains for roof mats. And there is enough room left for the realization of your own ideas, right?

Also for an oriental loft, there is certainly a suitable curtain

window curtains oriental bedroom

These window curtains correspond with the rest of the room decoration

window curtains romantic bedroom

The transparent drapery accentuates the romantic rural mood in this room

window curtains red decoration elements

Snow-white curtains make this room shine

window curtains white drapery

window curtains curled idea

hel gray ideas window curtains

The curtains in this attic room provide exciting visual effects

very high window curtains

Scandinavian design window curtains

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